2021-02-23 16:48:21

Hey everyone.

The workplace where I will start my new job in the coming weeks uses a specific email and comunication solution which is apparently known in the business sector, it's called David 3 by Tobit software, in case anyone knows.
While I yet don't know how accessible the hole thing is, I seriously doubt that it will be going without a hitch and that there will be accessibility issues with the hole thing.
I know that there are jaws scripts for many applications and programs and that the assistive technology provider i am workking with does offer scripting for applications, but i wanted to check if there is the slim chance of Jaws already containing a script for the program.
is there a comprehensive list of scripts that are available for jaws by default or a website where I can download more scripts?
I know that the chance is slim that there is something available, but I still want to check though.

Thanks in advance.

Greetings Moritz.

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2021-02-23 19:24:04

Default scripts can be viewed from the script manager.
Otherwise ask on the JAWS mailing list

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2021-02-24 00:55:09

The help files also have a list of popular applications.

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