2021-02-18 20:43:29

Hi all.
So i was wondering, how is the accessibility of the xiaomi devices?
I want to purchase a xiaomi phone, but am not sure on how the xiaomi device for the accessibility...
I tried finding some thing on google, but I don't find any thing related to how accessible it is...
Hopefully any one on here used one of these phones, and could tell me how it's accessibility is...

best regards
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2021-02-18 21:05:57

Probably completely fine? Plus you could probably mod it so much to the point it doesn't really matter.

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2021-02-18 23:37:47

you might even be able to install a custom rom if you wanted. do be aware that their can be ads but, you can turn them off.

2021-02-19 08:08:03

The thing is that i don't want to purchase a phone just to mod it...
I want to use it out of the box. this is why i asked how accessible it is...

best regards
never give up on what ever you are doing.

2021-02-20 02:31:25

from what I heard they are accessible out of the box. I would have to get one in my hands to do testing to see how good it is to use. I am sure you can return the phone 14 days after if you want to extange it for a different phone.

2021-02-20 05:06:06

Googling, Xiaomi apparently runs Android. So unless they've done something to break it or have their own weird install, you should have Talkback by default, which means it should be as accessible as any other phone running Android, I should think.

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2021-02-20 05:57:25

most of the android phones are accessible by default, though once I came across this vivo phone. they had the CAPTCHA thing on the accessibility settings, so whenever you visit there, you get to solve the annoying CAPTCHA, they even had random unlabeled buttons on everywhere.

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2021-02-20 13:10:39

fully accessible

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