2021-02-18 22:29:19

I am trying to take my online proctored exam.
It has combo boxes for selecting the microphone.
I am using google chrome and NVDA.
The combo box just says collapsed and expanded it does not let me select any options.
Help me fix this please.

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2021-02-18 23:36:24

that may fall on the devs of the sight to fix that one

2021-02-19 09:14:26

Try pressing alt down arrow. That should allow you to navigate the list without JavaScript getting in the way. With NVDA, it also has the nice side affect of reading how many items are in the combo box. Could be that there's 0 (no attached or builtin microphone).

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2021-02-20 01:02:54

ahh yes that was the problem, the combo box was empty this auto tester likes to fail and that is what was happening
thanks though

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