2020-08-07 13:54:25

How do I get a mint or antibiotic?

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2020-08-07 14:21:59

you can search hospital in small fishing village for the antibiotic, and for the mint you can search in giftshop, get and open gifts to find it

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2020-08-08 13:11:33

Or maybe in vending machines too, I think on mint.

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2020-08-08 13:27:08

And you can buy antibiotics with quest points as well.

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2021-01-01 09:29:03 (edited by conundrum 2021-01-01 11:50:54)

Attention everybody, things have officially started happening to battle item inflation on Survive the Wild and to eventually make it a much better, more stable, and far more fun game. To learn more, I strongly recommend you read http://samtupy.com/games/stw/stw_item_deflate.php for all information regarding this project to get rid of unneeded items on the game. If you have a lot of items, this almost certainly effects you. If you have a free account or few items, you likely do not need to concern yourselves with this.

And here are my opinion and observation on the above. This donation has cause some players to try and manipulate the top10 spot by actively asking for foods in return of paid items like DFC and Teleporters. One such char is neeraj who in the past days have been pushing hard to trade food items with DFC and TLP.
I am glad Sam turn off donation, because not all of us are massive collectors. Those who are rich, either with DFC and TLP are the one who will benefit, and we the players who build up our character slowly automatically lose.
The way forward now is for Sam to directly deal with characters which are hording items.

Btw happy new year to the admins and everyone on this forum.

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2021-01-01 11:52:32

aa... nearij good old nearij... yeah. i  he kind of does that alot. lol.

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2021-01-05 22:10:14

We can't really "forbid" people from traiding, though we strongly suggest against that. We've since tryed addressing the consirn in the message of the day, so hopefully people will think twice about traiding. The main reason why its a bad idea to traid, unless you do need items etc, is because there are going to be more donation runs in the not too distant future, so you'll probably have more to spend. And how should we "directly deal with item horders". I mean, once people has had the chance to donate, and refuse to take it, things will start changing, making gameplay harder for item horders so they'd consume their items faster than normal anyway... So, again, to everyone falling into the traiding trap: if you really need the items, go ahead and traid, if not, well... it's your loss by giving away stuff for items, since it might be entirely possible you'd have gained more by not traiding, but that's something you'll discover later.

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2021-01-07 03:03:43

Not to mention some of this people took advantage of the donation system by buying chips and lunchables from the vending machine, open them, and donate just to reach the top rank. Seriously, if you could check, those lunchable and chips were probably bought by the thousands.

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2021-01-07 05:07:55

Oh that would be  a  big problem seeing that if they were beeing bot by the thousands and though's bags of chips have 100 chips each.

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2021-02-15 10:33:04

Hi guys. A quick question. Has anyone had an issue of not being able to log into accounts? I created my PK account for something and when I tried to log back into my main accountit won't let me in, although it accepted my username and password with no problems.

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2021-02-15 11:43:12

@joshua.preyser are you getting any errors?

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2021-02-15 18:41:21

Yes. I get an error message that says "There was an error logging in. Please try again making sure all info is correct". I get the same error message when I try and log into my PK account.

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2021-02-15 19:17:12

Your account does exist, so this means you are typing the password wrong. if you don't remember the password, lmk and i'll reset. please send me a forum message, or contact on discord.

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2021-02-18 20:25:49 (edited by The Imaginatrix 2021-02-18 20:26:22)

I can't download the update because Firefox and Google both think Sam's site is malicious and it won't let me keep the ZIP file because it's convinced it has a virus in it and I don't know what to do and it's not fair!

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2021-02-19 02:38:25

Try using download managers. I don't know if it helps, because I haven't play this game anyway. But just a suggestion.

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2021-02-19 14:04:07

Just a qucik suggestion: Can someone, whenever there's an update, post the changes here? I think that would be great for people who don't play the game, but still want to see what's new for whatever reason.

Greetings and happy gaming, Julian

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2021-02-19 14:58:47

New in 0.99.2 (BUGFIX_PATCH)
The speedhack system has been rewritten! We are very hopeful that this gets rid of false positives, but the good part is that even if it does, we can now adjust it on the server to fix it rather than having to wait for an update!
STW will now officially reside in a portable zip file! I apologize to the few that this disappoints, I don't want to risk trying to manage 2 types of setup for something as large as stw and this pleases astranomically more people than it disappoints. STWSetup.exe is now this update patch until the next version, when STWSetup.exe will sease to exist entirely!
New rules update! Mostly just some clerifications, but they are still effective immediatly and I recommend you read them! In the next update, the rules will likely be entirely rewritten.
The old update system has been removed. In the next update, there will be a much more full featured updating system that will be able to update just the binary client in seconds if need be, allowing for much faster updates in the future! For now though, the system has been removed as it is no longer compatible.
There is now a way to test translations made with the new translation system! As this is a bugfix patch and not meant to be a full update, the system is not nearly as full featured as it will be when it is done. However, just so that translators have a little something to work with, you can now place the file language.lng in the game's appdata directory, and the game will load the strings found in that file into the new system and they will be translated. Things could still break here as this is still somewhat bleeding edge code (though I have tested what I could), but there is still more to do. Hopefully though this will help give translators an idea as to how well their translations are working! At this time, the old system is still in place. Older translators, use this time especially to transition from the old to the new system if you wish to! When the update is fully released, the old system will soon after sease to function.
There is now an option in the main menu to copy your system identification string to your clipboard. This contains all identifying data that the game typically sends to the server, and so can be used at an admins request to help find and restore accounts or change passwords when logging in, and thus sending said data for verification, is therefor impossible.
Pressing f7 now also reports how much data you have sent.
Finally, mouse turning is now disabled by default!
Finally fixed the rest of the bugs having to do with switching characters while the first one you were logged into was sleeping, in this case not being able to stand up after logging into the second character while the first one was asleep!
So whether this works correctly or not is something that must be further tested. But, thanks to a possible idea from Unicorn a while ago, I may have fixed the bug where you move left and right when drawing things from your inventory quickly!
Pressing control now silences jaws speech if it is running.
Both chat history as well as the keyconfig now load from %appdata%\stw instead of from program files, so there should be no more issues with file permissions and such!
Any active tracking baecon now resets itself if you fall asleep, making it so that if you are streight in front of an item that annoying sound doesn't play if you sleep.
The server can now tell the client to update the stored password in the save file, so that you no longer have to disconnect and update your settings if you change your password.
Fixed super extremely critical travelpoint bug that could allow cheaters to quickly move across maps.
Halved the size of the LAV audio buffer. Hopefully this doesn't break things terribly but it seems to work after testing. This will only effect anyone with 3d on and only then very little. There were some sounds that played a tiny portion of themselves in the center before panning properly and this fixes that as well as making the audio output a tiny tad more responsive.
Now, chat_history.log also keeps track of private messages that you send as well as receive, rather than logging only received private messages creating a very one sided conversation.
Fixed a runtime error that could happen in the inventory when dropping and then trying to draw an item that you had only 1 of.
Fixed a runtime error when you press shift+page up or shift+page down in the chat fields (Thanks fireball!)
Made it impossible to place shelters in many areas.
Fixed the broken gift counters... hopefully?

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