2021-02-18 02:56:05

I use Vmware and I found that there are problems using Linux there.
For example, Ubuntu Installer is not accessible with Orca. But it works if I try it on a real machine.
Can I work with Vmware, or should I use Virtualbox or other options?
Thanks in advance!

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2021-02-18 03:08:35

Vmware should work fine with Orca.  I've got 2 vms on my machine currently that I use for various dev stuff, and both have working audio out of the box including at install time.  Go into the device settings for your vm and make sure that the audio settings are configured to give it an audio device.

Your biggest problem will be latency, but you can fix that by getting a USB audio interface, plugging your headphones into it, and telling VMWare to connect it to the guest.

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2021-02-18 04:12:10

Omg really? I've vurtualized linux loads of times, and the only problems are the latest installers which also give trouble on bare metal.

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2021-02-18 05:44:58

When I run Ubuntu 20.04 installer on a real machine, Orca reads all windows. When I run on Vmware, it reads Install as superuser and that's it.

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2021-02-18 15:01:08

it always works for me...

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2021-02-18 16:40:32

well, it's vmware's fault, I tell thy. So, it's something called easy install, or unattended install or something, don't remember the name off the top of my head. So, what it basically does is it automates installation for you, thing which you might not like, for...hmm...understandable reasons. One thing you can do is, when selecting the OS to be installed on the vm, check the radiobutton that says I will install the operating system later. I don't exactly know where the option is, as I am using virtualbox now, but still...

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2021-02-18 17:02:22

@bgt lover
I know of the auto install feature and I'm not using that.
I have an Ubuntu 20.04 image. I'm creating a new virtual machine with no automatic installation. When I start Orca it reads "Install as superuser" and that's it.
If I load the same image on a real machine, Orca reads the installation window.

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2021-02-18 17:30:08

I doeno, it worked with the auto install for me just fine. granted, it was ubuntu 15.

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2021-02-18 17:31:20

hmm, weird, on virtualbox it works. Maybe try doing ocr on that window to see if the thing actually shows anything on screen?

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2021-02-18 19:00:15

You should also be able to fix a lot of the latency by installing VMWare Tools in the guest machine.

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2021-02-19 08:07:16

I use virtual box... it works a bit better for me.

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2021-02-19 08:55:22

As I remember, there were no such problems with Virtualbox. But I can't install Debian on Virtualbox.

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2021-02-19 09:08:57

why not? I think there was a problem with the language selection screen and a crash present in the older versions of virtualbox, but I also herd it will be fixed, so I imagine it might be done, so it might be already.

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