2021-02-18 06:01:16

Yes, I am using brows mode to read messages, but quite difficult when finding so many messages. And, how to mention someone in chat? I usually use object nafigation, but is there another way?

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2021-02-18 07:58:08

Mention people by typing @username and then pressing tab.

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2021-02-18 12:24:59

it doesn't autocomplete with tab, or at least it doesn't give any spoken feedback. And what if I only know the start of the username and there are multiple people with that prefix on the server?

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2021-02-18 19:06:36

@bgt lover, Enter also works, and seems to announce the person that was auto-completed too.
At that point, just try to learn the username and nickname of the person you're trying to mention.

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