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This is an out of curiosity thread, to determine the currently most popular games among our community, and maybe, hopefully also find a game I myself will also like among them.

So everyone, please post here your currently most often played favorite games, regardless of their genre, type, topic, date, free/pay based, online/offline status, audio, textual based, browser, muds, etc.

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2021-02-13 15:36:56

1942, World Of Mist, Untold RPG, Crazy Party

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2021-02-13 15:52:19 (edited by targor 2021-02-13 15:53:22)

My favorite ones that I can actually play are parser text-adventures. Some of my favorite ones are
- Hadean Lands
- Endless, Nameless
- Jigsaw
- Counterfeit monkeys

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2021-02-13 16:14:03

NCAA football 2005.

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2021-02-13 17:27:03

woww, already some I haven't even heard of yet, many thanks, will check them out for sure.

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2021-02-13 21:14:13

Most games I played are parser-based.
Some of my favourites are, in no particular order:
Blue Lacuna, Hadean Lands, Intro To Implements of the Arcane, City of Secrets, Tristam Island, The Weight of a Soul and Worldsmith.
Other games I like are Shadow Line, A hero's Call and Corruption of Champions 2.
I am also trying to play Bokurano Daibouken 3 again, after not touching the game for about three years.

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2021-02-13 22:11:13

Can someone tell me more about World Of Mist?

It doesn't seem to be here in audiogame list, nor am I able to successfully google for it...

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2021-02-13 23:37:56

Caccio72, sorry to say but you wouldn't be abble to play world of mysts easily anyway. As far as i can tell from our previous discussions you don't like games in which you need complex stuff to play and set it up. One problem is that its chinese, so you'd need to translate the stuff, and in my opinion, chinese games don't worth the hassle to translate them. Either they are pay to play or win, if they are online. One game which i kind of got into despite its being chinese was... The name eludes me, it was something about a boy who was in a camp, and his father died and he set out to avenge him or something. One thing i liked was the awful lot of martial arts moves you could use. I need to finish that one day.

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2021-02-14 00:25:31

@7,  its literally within the first 5 topics in new releases

Who has any time for the letter h?

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2021-02-14 02:03:47

I tend to play magistream which is a collecting magical creatures game (not like pokemon or anything, just collections and click-to-grow but the descriptions of most of the creatures are good enough that even a blind person can enjoy them even though the game has a lot of graphics for the creatures.)

AI Dungeon is another good one but to really have a good time, I'd recommend at least gold membership which costs $10 a month and you can play the game like crazy as you can make it work with you to tell stories and play games about pretty much anything, but you are pretty limited if you go for loweer membership, though it is a good way to test to see if you like it.

I also like bitlife, though not all of the stuff in that life simulator is accessible, such as a few non-essential mini-games and some of the stuff you do to commit crimes.

Alteraeon, Erion, and lostsouls are also good ones to go for, the only thing is lostsouls and Alteraeon can become incredibly complex. Lostsouls has a wealth of options and such though and is definitely worth trying though the first character they give you will be a human fighter build. The game has nearly 80 playable races though some require you to get other characters to certain levels before you can unlock them and also characters have limited lives, though it is not too hard to get more.  those are MUDS but they are definitely up there on the cool factor if you like fantasy, Cosmic Rage is good too but space combat can be a pain in the rear, though you can generally avoid nasty combat if you want to.

Godville is fun too and works well on the tablet though you'll be playing it a long time as the game can take a very long time to get the big goals done. You only play it for brief periods though and it is largely an idle game except  when you get on and you can influence your hero by acting as your god. The concept of the game is that you are a god with a single hero serving you and you do crazy wacky stuff. It is more for a laugh than a serious tone in the game.

if you like interactive fiction Mythian adventures and Choiceofgames are good titles. Mythian adventures largely follows the adventures of 3 heroes in a fantasy world while Choiceofgames is mostly standalone titles about pretty much everything.

those are mostly what I've been playing lately and I like all of those games.

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2021-02-14 02:57:48

Well just to clarify replying to a comment:

I actually like when games are complex, meaning there are many stuff we can do in them, the more choices, alternatives, options to choose from, the more decisions to make, aka the more diverse a game is, the better for me.

I however don't like games where the interface is too complex, meaning navigating, finding my way around, finding or accessing my targeted options or selections is complicated, or the way to get to them requires adept screen reader handling and knowledge, for that I still don't possess yet.

So those with complex, diverse gameplay, but still with easily, smoothly accessible interface, would suit my expectations just fine.

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2021-02-14 03:22:06

I meant not complex in gameplay, i meant chinese games are generaly complex to set up and play, for example, if you don't like idiotic translations which you need to even think to understand what the hell it wants to say, then its not good for you. And basically, if i remember right chinese stuff requires an extra program even to run. If you want to try it out, i can help you set it up, but i have a strong feeling that its a waste. And i guess it is p2w, pay to win, anyways.

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2021-02-14 04:36:43

as far as the games I mentioned, largely AI dungeon just requires enough English knowledge to know what words ar verbs and how to put imparative sentences together and maybe some decent typing (you don't have to be fast, but you can mess up the AI if you are a bad speller or write clunky English.

As for the other games, Godville sometimes requires you to act on the fly for example when you are fighting tough monsters, but generally it isn't so bad.

as for the muds, Alteraeon can be a little complex and you'll need to have aliases or be able to type quickly or both. Erion is easier and simpler to play but doesn't have the story. Lostsouls has incredibly complex gameplay but battle is mostly automatic as your character will use skills they have on their own if they know them, though there is a lot of management of your character as there are litterally hundreds of skills, everything from weapons kills like axes, to botanny, eldritch lore, doezens of languages (some of which you will need to know to even communicate with some NPCs) dozens of different categories of magic, law, history, various philosophies that let you access certain arcane and mystical stuff, and more. It is a complex system that can be pretty overwhelming but it can be a lot of fun too.
Bitlife sometimes requires you to search the screen for the lists of stuff that pops up when you open a window or menu, but usually going towards the left or top left will get you in the list of stuff you are looking for and the center of the screen can also help (that's a tablet or cellphone game)

Choiceofgames just requires you to swipe left and right and they are just interactive gamebooks, though Choiceofgames is definitely at least one of the gold standards. You have as much time to decide what you want to do on those games as you want. (you can play them online or on the tablet or phone like I do.)

as for magistream, there's no tricks there because it isn't much of a game as much as a virtual collection thing (though you can breed and stuff)

most of my games are pretty easy to play, and a lot of them require no fast action and rely more on being creative or smart rather than being swift or anything like that or requiring any great technical skills.

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2021-02-14 09:21:08

i need to get in to lost souls sometime again, the servants of death guild (can't remember the name, i think its reapers) was awfuly interesting.

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2021-02-14 12:12:15

the legend of zelda. ocarina of time. 007. goldeneye. perfect dark. bk 1, 2, and 3. blood,1997. duke nuken 3d. gradius 1, 2, and 3. nemesis. not resident evil,it is a gradius spin off. dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 3. alex kid in miracle world. doom,1993. counter strike 1.6. half life 1 and 2. street fighter ex trilogy. mortal kombat II. brutal legend. diablo trilogy. street of rage 2 and 4. batman arcam. kirbi 64 the cristal shards. super mario 3d world. shinobi 3. return of ninja master. alex kid in shinobi world. wonderboy in monster land. the king of fighters 94, 95, 96, 97, and 98. megaman 8. final fantasy 7 psx vercion. double dragon III. tekken 3. knights of round. captain comando. strider. juju/ toky. spiro the dragon. aladdin,genesis vercion is better than snes vercion. top gear 2. rock and roll racing. again,the genesis is better for my. world heroes,all games. soul blade. saint seia. soldiers soul. dark souls trilogy. need for speed underground 2,and the rum. shadow warrior. ninja gaiden nes trilogy.

iPhone seems to be better because it is from Apple.  wait?  no emulators in the apps store?  fast!  bring me an android, help!

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2021-02-14 13:16:41 (edited by Caccio72 2021-02-14 13:22:59)

Actually I like the card-battle part of Crazy  Party a lot, it is just my favorite type of "easy to play but hard to master" games, requiring lots of planning, strategy, and brainwork, and also like how it has a quite active online concurrency to battle against, it's just that after spectating one of their battles, I realized I will have to advance, to progress a damn lot in single player game in order to become a worthy concurrency for those guys there.



zargonbr, I played Duke Nukem games a lot, and even its main music theme is one of my favorites, (followed by his macho-type comments of course), but still as sighted, is it playable for blind too?
(unfortunately I seriously doubt it, so I assume you are playing it with at least some existing sight)

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2021-02-14 17:59:32

As for mainstream games, I play Injustice 2, MK X/11, Limbo, Madden 20, and very occasionally Killer Instinct.
As far as accessible games go, A Heros Call, Cosmic Rage, Clok, Sequence Storm, Code7, Oriol's games, SBYW, 3DYW, very rarely STW, RSGames, the Playroom, and although not necessarily a game, ChatMUD.
Hope this helps

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2021-02-14 18:01:07

I like Eurofly game, Beatstar, Crazy party, Dragon village.
I also played mostly various social game hubs, for example in RS games client and in Quentin C's gameroom.

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2021-02-14 18:31:31 (edited by mohamed 2021-02-14 18:32:26)

QuentinC playroom, Only interesting thing around that is not paid. Mostly it's used as a chatting client though, But it has vary interesting games in it so it's a vary good time waster if you ask me.

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2021-02-14 20:32:25 (edited by giorgi elbaqidze 2021-02-14 20:34:23)

Most of the time I play EuroFly, Beatstar, Rhythm Rage.

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2021-02-15 06:32:52

melty blood

nitroplus blaster

code 7

kof 94, 95, 97, 98, 2002, 13.

koihime enbu ryo rairai

saint seiya soldier soul

naruto storm1, 2, 3, 4, revolution.

the last blade 2

the last blade 1

samurai showdown1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 2019, neogeo colection.

neogeo battle colision.

marina breack



rise of the tomb raider, shadow of the tomb raider, tomb raider angel of darkness.

the legend of the heroe.

street of rage 2, 4.

soul calibur,1 ,2 3, 6,of psp me too.

genshin impact.

the  witcher2, 3.

sequence storm.

audio wizards.

nakoruru visual novel.

doki doki literature clube

river city girl

samurai warriors3, 4.


final fantasy7, 15 windows edition, 14.

sakura taisen2, 3.

dungeon and dragons. 1 2

jumpy force

virtua fighter 4

ultra street fighter 4.

street fighter 4

street fighter xtekken

long live my homeland brazil!

2021-02-15 09:37:38

My favorite games, be it audio or main stream, in no particular order.
BK3, Sequence storm, beat star, rhythm rage, Super smash bros. ultimate, dissidia final fantasy, super smash bros. brawl, Dragon ball fighterZ, Dragon ball Z budo kai ten kaitchi3, Feer, Street fighter IV champion addition, Shooter nostaljic, Robo-E, Blindy match, Naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm 4: Road to boruto, Time crest, Jump force, and last but not least, good old sonic the headgehog remake, though the first 2 levels are the only playable ones in there.

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2021-02-15 10:50:56

I am still wondering how playable dbz fighter on the story mode

*plays 1 hour loop of Tank commander's main menu music*
doom, doom, doom, doop! doom, doom, doom, doop! doom, doom, doom, doop! 30 seconds later: doom, doom, doom, doop! doom, doom, doom, doop! doom, doom, doom, doop! ok this is annoying. 1 minute later: doom, doom, doom, doop! doom, doom, doom, doop! doom, doom, doom, doop!*change music*
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl5M8k … AX7ARPisiA

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2021-02-15 15:37:10 (edited by Caccio72 2021-02-15 15:38:31)

Guys, so many games...it is all nice, and I am grateful for your replies, but many of these games can be played only by sighted, (or partially sighted at least), so it would be very useful if you could somehow note, or specify, which from all these are the games a blind person can actually play.

There are so many games listed here I don't even know of yet, so now I would have to check them one by one, merely to determine, wether I can play them or not...

So in your future replies, please try to separate, to distinguish games playable to blind from those for sighted, or partially sighted only.

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2021-02-15 15:57:53

HADES, definitely number one in the last times! 13 Sentinels: Aegis rim and Slay the spire. I am also starting devil may cry 5 and this looks fully playable with just few areas where you need sighted help (I am working on the guide so I'll be able to give instructions there)

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