2021-01-28 18:12:24

interesting. i'll have to give this a try
speaking of radium, yeah, i've red about that and the things that some people faced do to it being considered somethign for beauti, their is a video in the infographics  show you channel about it

And as anyone who's gone mountain climbing knows ,The serene snow-covered peaks that look so tranquil from a bdistance, Are the deadliest
sound is my vision
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2021-01-28 19:12:10

OK, this is absolutely wonderful, and I wish I could've had it back when I had chemistry at school, instead of just an outdated and simplified periodic table in a word document.
Could you please be so kind as to add an option to translate this? Because that way it could be used in schools all around the world. I for one would love to translate this into Slovenian; it'll take a while, but I'll get it done.

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2021-01-30 23:00:49

People, there is a strange thing with Windows Defender and The periodic table. I have noticed, that Windows Defender reports me that The periodic table is potentional threat.
Ofcourse I think, that It is false. I don't know, why, because every Nate's software is without any threat. So, how to report this problem to Microsoft?
I have noticed, that similar issues were with Osara for Reaper. But somebody reported It and everything was normal.
Thank You.

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2021-01-30 23:41:02

I think I recall something about the ability to submit files for review in the security center but eh, it was in passing and I could be mistaken. I believe the issue is the embedded python interpreter that pyinstaller makes, similar to how BGT scripts are bundled.

Join me in eliminating BGT from the forum.
It's very easy, if you see a topic about BGT, simply don't reply to it.
If you're thinking about creating a topic about BGT, just don't.
Doing these things will cause all such topics to sink to oblivion.

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2021-01-31 04:48:50

I'm also getting the virus warning that @28 got.

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2021-01-31 09:54:50

@29, I think, that no. Most of Nathan Tech's software is programmed in Python and there wasn't any problem, like this.
Maybe this reporting of problem is in Windows Defender.

Music is the language of the universe.

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2021-02-23 00:00:52

Hello guys!
I created a video in portuguese about the periodic table.
here is the link:
Please, if you can, click on like button and subscribe to the channell.

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