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So I wanna do a capture card setup guide. Here it is.
This guide is for windows, I don't know how this works on mac.

This is a guide that will use OBS studio and some other software, see below.
You should read my OBS guides first. That will help you understand the software a bit more.
This guide asumes your using an Elgato device. If your not using an Elgato device skip the Elgato software part.

You will need

A console or a PC you wanna use the capture card with.
A capture card.
OBS Studio. You can get it here
Elgato Game Capture Software: You can get it here
A way to use OCR. I use the default one with NVDA

Note, In the elgato setup you will get the option for sound capture. This is Optional and is not for your game sound, but discord and other stuff. I don't use that so I skipped it.

The Elgato software

If you have tryde the software you will know that it is mostly innaccessible. I say mostly because there is a way to get into the settings menu, and one's you are there you can use NVDA as normal.
you will need to do a cupple of things first though:
Connect the capture card to your console, or PC. You will need to use a USB 3 port on your computer. USB 2 doesn't work.
set your gamecapture software window to maximized
Go to the shortcut that should be on your desktop, alternatively go into the folder where the software is installed and make a shortcut of the EXE file.
Right click and go to properties. From here go to run. Set it to maximized and press OK.
The console or PC that you wanna to capture must be off.
Right then, let's begin!
Open the software. Don't do anything just let NVDA say the window name. Then do OCR. If that doesn't work press the windows key and press it again to close the start menu. Now do OCR again.
Alternatively You can edit some config files in the AppData folder, coming soon.
You should here something like this: no signal, the XBOX one isn't connected to the HDMI settings.
Press enter where it says settings. If all goes well you should be in the capture settings. Here you can use the tab key and change the stuff you want. Set the profile to whatever your capturing. The default one is XBOX one. The rest should be setup for you already, but check everything just in case.
60FPS should be enabled, if not enable it. Also make sure that audio is HDMI audio. This will make the audio come out of your PC speakers, we can change the output device later.
Close the software and hopefully you don't need to use it again.

OBS Studio

Make a new sceen and name it whatever you want. Add a video capture device source.
In the properties for the source select your capture card from the list. Then leave everything else at default, this is because we changed the options in the software. Now press OK
Now go into obs settings and find audio. Find audio monitoring and select the audio device you want to use as monitoring device. Press OK and you'l be in the main window again. Go to where it says Elgato properties and press space on it. Go to advanced audio properties. Press tab until you here: monitor off and press down errow until you here: Monitor and Output. Press escape to close it, it saves automaticly.
Go to the source list and press space to select the elgato source. Right click and go to transform. Note, NVDA likes to glitch out in this menu, the option below transform is: resize output (source size). Go down until you here: fit to screen.
Now right click again on the source and go to: fullscreen Projector (Source), select your display and you got yourself a preview of the source in fullscreen.
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