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hello and welcome to this tekken 7 guide!
this guide will cover everything you want to know about tekken 7.
this guide asumes that you have the steam version of the game, however, this guide will use ps 4 controls.
without firther adue, let's get into it!
1: starting out
if you havent yet, go buy the game from the steam store!
then install the game on your pc
you now go into your start menu and launch the game
2: entering the game
you will hear some sound playing, this is just the tekken 7 logo
press the start button on your controller to skip the logos
you will get several logos but it the end you will hear a smashing sound
after a momenbt, you will start hearing the music
if you just bought the game, you will have to set up the controler for keyboard use, before skipping a hole lot of crap
you are now in the main menu!
3: the main menu
the first option you will be standing on is story mode
so here is the menu in order, followd by a describtion for every option
story mode: discover the conclution to the mishima saga, this is the games main story mode
online mode: connects you to the tekken 7 steam servers
offline mode: let's you play against CPU controlled enemies
my replay tipps: you can watch previous replays of the game done by your self here
customisation: if you have customisable items, let's you buy and equip them
galory: watch recordings from story mode, sutch as cutseens
options: here you adjust the games sound, graphical and system settings including adjustment of controlles
player information: information about your self as a player on tekken 7
store: directs you to the steam store where you get season passes and other dlc
ultimit tekken bowl: this is a minigame only available if you have bought season pass 1, it is like bowling just tekken stile
quit: quits the game and exits it

3.1: the story mode
in this mode, you follow the storyline of tekken 7, from a journalist pov
some of the story is in japanese, but the tekst is in english on the screen, but we as blind will not be able to read it
the story mode is chapter baced, meening that you compleet the story mode in chapters 1 to 14
you can also change the dificoulty in here, think it was the x or y button

3.2: online mode

here is where you go to fight against other players worldwide
please note that online is different, very different compared to offline mode, as you will soon notise
the online menu is as follows, from top to bottom

ranked match
player match

3.2.1: ranked match

this mode pitts you against other players as strong as you are to see who is fit enough to climb the leaderboards, if you feel that you are strong enough,
then enter this mode, i promis you, you will be having hours of fun! but please, dont play online ranked matches if you have bad internet.

3.2.2: player match

partake in fights against other players just for fun, be it friend, familie or someone you dont eeven know, this mode is for you if you are up for some mager fun!

3.2.3: tournament

from time to time, the tekken admins will be hosting a tournament to win ekstreem amounts of battle points and items for your characters, when an event like this happens, that is when you want to join! but one thing though, an account is needed to join a tournament

3.2.4: the leaderboards

all though not aksesible to us blind, this is where you check the score of your enemies, or your selvs, winning ranked matches or tournament will send you catapulting up the leaderboards, so beat the shit out of people to be the mightyest player ever!

3.3: offline mode

the menu here is all in order from top to bottom
arcade battle
treasure battle
virses battle

3.3.1: arcade battle

this mode pitts you against 10 different enemies to fight, from witch 2 of them are bosses
these enemies are computer controlled
stages are also randomised

3.3.2: treasure battle
this mode, one of my favorite modes, is where you fight an endlous hord of enemies, have fun fighting, building up a winning streek, while facing enemies who gro in strength
every 5 or so battles, you face off against stronger then usual enemies, with the following statuses on the field
boss battle, just plain, powerful kazuya, or laser shooting devil jin
or, you could get the one who started the hole devil geen, kazumy
every wattack is leathel
every attack you do, or your enemie do, have the potential of beeing leathel
every attack igets a speed boost
get this and the battle goes by very fast
in treasure battles, you also get customisable items that will be from plain costumes, to items boosting your stats
you can get all from 1, to 3 treasure chests every fight

3.3.3: virses battle
in here you fight against a friend of yours, or a family member to see who gets to be the most dangerous tekken player of them all!
prepare to face off against your family or your friends in this epic mode!

3.3.4: practice mode
in this mode, you practice your favorite characters combo attacks to see witch combo you potentialy like
you can also customise training options, you could for eksample practice punishment training, or get your characters list of moves, or practice against a friend to see who is the best
get your combos practised! for you will need them against your friends and enemies!

I will update the guide as i memorise more of the menu options
stay tuned for more!

what I do in these troubling times, is to ither work out, or be a total lazy asshole

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