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Dragon Ball FighterZ Menu guide.
I will be refering to the buttons as this:
X/A: confirm
Circle/B: back
Options/start: Start.
The rest will be Playstation style.
Note, I don't know the keyboard controls yet, but every controler should work with this.
This first part of the guide is refering to the PC version's startup. After that the rest is the same across all plattforms.
This is not a complete guide, not all menu items are in here yet.

Starting the game

When you start the game you will here EAC launcher error window a few times, this is normal and they go away very quickly.
After that there are some logoes on the screen, this is not a window itself, but will appear over your main window.
A little after that you should have a Dragon Ball FighterZ window, go into that, and a few seconds later you should have music playing.

Main Menu

The main menu is usually just spamming the confirm button.
There are a few options, but I don't know what they are, you don't need to mess with them. After pressing your confirm button a few times you will here a different sound then the first ones, this is the game loading you into the main lobby.

The settings menu

So you just got into the main game and want to start playing, well not yet friend.
The game has a few audio settings you would want to check out first.
The game comes with the japanese dub, but thankfully you can change it to the english dub we all know and love.
Open your player menu by pressing start. Then go up two times and press confirm. Then hold your up button until you can't go up anymore, don't press the button it's important that you hold it, otherwise it won't work and you will be stuck in a loop. From here press down 4 times and then confirm.
Now you are in the audio menu. If you move left or right you can change the music volume, one down and the sound efects volume can be changed. If you go three down from the music slider and then press right one time you will change the dyalog to english.
Press the back button until it doesn't do anything to exit, it saves automaticly.

The lobby

The lobby is your main game room. Here you go to all your different modes you wanna play.
The lobby is a big map that consists of manny places to walk to. The lobby is on a tyle baces, so you move one square eatch time you move.
You can use your D Pad to move around, but why would you do that when you can teleport directly to the mode you wanna play?
Press L2 to open the quick menu.
The first option is online play, use this to battle random opponents.
go one down and you will find the storry mode. The storry mode is not a storry for DBZ, but is an original storry. It's not accessible so I suggest you to leave it alone.
Two down from here we have the training area. Here you can practice and get used to the game, I spend a lot of time here getting down the combos.
One down from here and the arcade area is the next mode. This is a mode that allows you to test your skills in battle after battle. There is manny difficulty settings in the mode itself. You will fight a number of battle right after the other.
the next one is versus play. Here you can play against the CPU or a friend.

That's everything so far. I will update the guide as time goes on.
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