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This is brought to you by the awesome, like really awesome, kingof-fite

Just kidding, of course. Or am I?
Side note, sorry for the over dramatic guide sections sometimes, just feeling pretty energetic so yea?
Hello and welcome to this random survive the whiled guide I decided to make after seeing a very old, very incomplete one on here.
To not be a failure at this, I have decided to create a new account. Free of course. To go through the game and explain it in text. My memory is bad!
So without any more babbling, here we go!
*Deep, short whoosh with a small chiming sound thrown in*
Alrighty. We'll assume you have downloaded the game and created your account. if you did not, go download the game
with this very cool link, yes?
then go through the process of installing it. Of course, don't run the game automatically, unselect the option that runs it for you, then click the finish button. Go to the .exe file and run it as administrator the first time.
Alright, now it's self explanatory

logged in

Okay, we'll assume you've logged in by now and are curious. Uh what am I doing?
Once you log in the first time you are in the Mainland island/.
We suggest you don't log on exactly yet just so you don't die while reading.

Okay, time for some location stuff.

If you don't want to read this section, press h. I suggest you read it anyways though.
To the far south of this island, where you start off, is a beach. To the south of that is an ocean. Traveling south of that ocean will lead to a deeper ocean from which you can use a boat and paddle to go to the fishing village, while from the less deep ocean you can go all east to an abandoned mine.
When you go all south and row, You need to be trying not to get eaten by dangerous not so scary sharks.
After that, You need to travel through an annoying marsh, continue rowing, through a damaging city which can kill you, to the fishing village. Of course, if you have a friend or 2 who are willing to row with you it'll be much faster.
To the north is a weed pile which has pythons everywhere. Yikes. To the north of that, there is a dezert which leads to a camping ground, which is where you mainly get metal, I believe. There is also a cave under the pond which is very dangerous not in bats or whatever but in walls and gaps etcetera.
Outside the camping ground a bit to the east is a spring. It's very safe to drink from, so take a long, refreshing drink.
To the east of the mainland is a mountain you can climb, which holds a few quests. It is populated by polar bears. If there are caves there they might have boars, but I don't know never went there much. To the west there is a swamp that as far as I know leads nowhere. Maybe I haven't explored it enough though.

Actually getting to work now.

Okay, you can log on now.
Side note, If you are getting tired of the loud music press  alt end. This will turn down the music. While alt home will turn it up. Unfortunately nothing you can do for the ambiance.
Okay. Now to open your inventory, refered  to as bag) press I.
*bag open sound*

Quick inventory guide,

You navigate with the up and down arrow keys like in the menus, excluding the side scrollers if you've already gone into the options(more on that later)
You hold things with your left or right hand with the left or right arrow key. I'm pretty sure you can figure it out. left and right?
Anyways, You can reorder your item list with alt up and down arrow. This will rearrange your bag so the item will go up or down in the list. Say you have pen and paper, if you went to paper at the end of the inventory and pressed alt home or alt up arrow you'd have paper and pen.
You can see your inventory's categories with tab and shift tab. Those can range from weapons to addictives like cigarettes and alcohol etcetera.

Quick Options guide

If you disconnect now and go into options, you will see many confusing things. Here is a small guide for them.
set up account, this is used to log in to another account or your account, if you have somehow cleared your account information from the game. Basicly, if you have an account you want to switch to, this is the option for it.
disable or enable logo on startup, this is self explanatory. Most people leave it disabled to start the game faster.
change menu stile to side scroller or default, if it appears as default, then you currently press left and right arrow to navigate. If it shows as side scroller, then you currently use the up and down arrow keys to move through menu.
disable or enable menu wrapping, if this is enabled, you press down arrow or up arrow once you reach the bottom or top of the menu, it will return you to the bottom or top of that menu. example, start menu and exit. If I go to exit and press down arrow It will return to start menu. Else it will just repeat exit.
enable visual mode, this idea will change the window of the game to whatever text was last spoken, therefore allowing sighted people to play as well.
set menu music, self explanatory
change global tts options, it allows you to choose if your game text is read by either a screen reader or a sapi voice
change say tts options, in the game you can press the letter y to open up a say text box. once you type this in, it will speak it with a currently set sapi voice to other players and you. This will allow you to choose your own voice for the y key
change language file, this will allow you to change the game's language into something else. Usualy those translations are done by players so there are only a couple languages. Send your language file to samtupy if you plan to translate. Warning, currently it is not advised to make a translation as the translations system will be changed in the new version.
add alias, this lets you do something like typing hi into the first textbox and typing test into the second. This will make you say hi if you type in test.
remove alias, removes alias. Self explanatory.

enable or disable playing of dreams, when you sleep you can disable or enable this option. It will send you dreams if it is enabled.
Disable or enable behind pitch decrease, If you are say 1 north of an object, it will decrease in pitch and volume to alert you that you are in front of that object.

Back to gameplay

Okay, back to game play, Once you have opened your inventory press left arrow. This will hold your survival pack (most important item for a newbie if they don't want to be hardcore dead people) with your left hand.
Now close your bag with escape. A good key to learn about is the number 3.
You are holding survival_pack in your left hand, nothing in your right, and you have nothing drawn.
As you just saw it will show you what you are holding with your hands and which you can use with space, alt space, etcetera.
Press 1. This will use your left hand, and now you have survival_pack drawn. Press t.
You will get this message,
You dig your fingers into the soft cardboard, grab the tape, and rip! Then you with some effort, manage to rip the flaps on the card board box open... Ah, what nice stuff! A knife and a watch, a radio for communication, string for many purposes, cups for liquid storage, rods or spits to spear food on and cook it hands free, a small number of little devices used to start fires with very little effort, a couple packages of universal batteries for anything that needs power, a small revolver with a few bullets, a full water bottle, some towels to keep dry, flairs and matches for signaling and fire starting, a package of medical items, some glue to build things, some simple protein bars for quick eating, and last but not least, several dehydrated meal kits you can prepare for not the best tasting but very nourishing food.
now, press i again and press w. You will see wallet.
Hold it with any hand. Close your bag, and use 1 if you hold it in the left hand or 2 in the right.
Press space when you have drawn it. this will get 50 coins from the wallet into your bag
okay, now press i and keep opening your packages and bags so you will be good with stw life, yes?
Don't forget, t to open them. Also open up your band aids
Now, open your water bottle. i, move to it, hold it, press escape and press t
Now hold the open water bottle with a hand, draw it and press space to drink. Be sure to check your thirst and hunger with u, s, and e. These will check hunger, thirst and energy respectively. If you're 200 to 300 you need to drink up in a while because the weather can be nasty and you will be to 1000 in no time. Otherwise, still safe for a while more. Also press w to check your temperature. If you are cold, better wear your clothing. Just hold them draw them and press space. Otherwise, might as well stay the way you are. Heh.
You will need to check this often, preferably every 5 minutes or so.
Press c to see your worn clothing
Okay, now time to teach you about some more stuff.
press K. This is an important key as it will locate your nearby resources, such as sand, wood, rock, dirt, water sources, trees, etcetera.
Navigate until you see something like
shallow water in front and slightly off to the right, about 27 tiles away.
press enter. You will see tracking.
Press r to stand up as you are currently sitting down. Press r to sit down if you just stood up.
Press n to see where you need to go, while traveling towards it.
Once you reach it, draw your water container once more and press space. This will fill it up with water, as water is not infinite in this game.
Once you see something like
Too much water! Your water container name can't hold that much! You are forced to drop some!
Then you can stop. To drink on water, press alt space.
Okay, now go a bit north, like maybe 10 up arrow presses and go left until you reach a clay resource. You will here it pretty squishy. If you are on dirt, press up until you reach it, it shouldn't be that far
now undraw everything, or use an empty hand. Press space. This key is used to gather resources.
Gather 10 clay. By now, I don't need to tell you to check your inventory or do thing I just discussed, so please reread the previous sections if you don't understand(though I might slip and say it anyways heh)
Now after you get 10 clay, go to your clay in your inventory and press left and right arrow . This will take 2 clay in both of your hands.
Close your bag and press t.
*oddly glass thing rolling like sound*
Congratulations! You have just created your first pot

Brief explanation

Pots are easier to get than water bottles. So you can create about 100 if you are a free account, and more if you are a payed one. All those pots will allow you to store more water on them. Plus, it is faster when you drink from them.
Oh and plus it lets you make tea. And soup. I think.

Back to first pot thing.

Okay, keep doing the clay+clay thing until you have 5 pots or more if you decide to get more than 10 clay.
Now go and refill them from the convenient water nearby.
Great, you have a bunch of pots now which can potentially hold more water than your average water bottle!!!

moving on

Now, go right until you reach the grass surface(if you don't see it and instead see dirt go north(up))
Now set to work getting grass from the ground. As much as you can without running out of time for hunger. Treat it same as thirst.
Now open your bag and draw a fire starter. Press space. It will start a fire. Quickly, open your bag and keep throwing grass in the fire. As much as you've gathered.
After that, press m. This is your items menu. Check your fire more than 100 health will last for a while depending on the amount. close the menu. open your bag. If you haven't filled up your pots, be sure to do it now. Grab a pot in one hand and draw it. keep pressing space. You will hear the water boiling and you will see after,
The water is now boiling!
now open your bag. grab a meal kit with your left hand and the pot of boiling water with your right hand
Press t to poor them together. Now you can eat your meal kit, it's called etible_meal_kit. Eat it if you are hungry.
You will be a bit thirsty, there should still be some water in the pot. So drink up.


Okay, You can only go so far with your bland ---  meal kit. So, Its rabbit huntin time.
Of course, we'll also be going on a very dangerous mission if you didn't find someone and kept asking for items. Which I did before but no longer now unless in trade. So okay, assuming you're badass and decided, oh, I'll just make everything myself! I don't need nobody.
First, go find a tree.. Go to its location and draw your knife. Get to chopping with space.
Once it crashes, remove your knife and collect 4 wood.
Also, don't forget to open your your glue bottle, your matchbox, and your wrapped protein bars.
Okay. go refill your water bottle and your pots.
Now just a quick tip, grab your knife with your left hand, the stone with your right, and press t. You will hear a sharpening sound. Do this until you cannot anymore. It helps.
Okay, now be careful with the next steps. Constantly check your animals with the A key. If you see a python snake, a bear, a coyote, or a wolf, or basically any dangerous creature you're better off avoiding it at this stage.
Go north. Don't forget to keep checking your animals and avoiding frequently. 1 to 10 steps is not advisable.

Pause the game for a moment. Aka exit or drink up and eat.

When you are traveling north, you will see a couple rabbits. If you can get one with your knife, then you can grab its dead body(remember the m key). By now sit down, hold the dead rabbit in left hand and knife in right and press t.
You will gut the rabbit. Don't press t more than once or you will cut yourself.
Then, grab that gutted rabbit with your left and press t once more.
You will skin the rabbit. Now start a fire, and cook the rabbit with space. Keep pressing it until it is done. Drop things over the fire to keep it burning.
If you want an easier solution, use spit with left hand and raw rabbit with your right hand. Press t.
Press space on the speared rabbit when you draw it on a fire
Then, go 1 north of the fire and wait for the spit to stop cooking. Press enter to grab the now cooked rabbit. Press alt t on the speared edible rabbit to get it out
Eat the rabbit if you're very hungry, but if you're not, keep it for later. We have the protein bars, but we'll need them in the desert.
Okay, now that you've gotten some food, let's continue.

go north

Okay, go north as we previously stated. Avoid the dangerous animals unless you're very confident you can take them on. Don't let your focus slip.
You should go from weed to soil. Continue on, this path is a little bit bare of animals.
Okay, you'll reach stone. Stop right there and collect 2 to 10 stones as spares . Actually no, collect even more. 32 at least.
now go through the desert. It should be all north. Check your thirst often as it will skyrocket sometimes.
eat some protein bars if you're very hungry and or low on energy(if you jumped.)
You will see to walk back into the deep deep desert, press shift enter. Press it. You are now near the camp ground. Here we will collect metal and stone. We just did , if you didn't skip the stone collection part.
When you reach the stone after going a bit north, Use your camera.

Your camera

If you haven't played many other games before, your camera helps you determin holes in the ground, your next platform or staircase, etcetera...
You use it with the g plus arrow keys. For example,  press g plus right arrow multiple times,  You will hear a high woosh sound. This indicates a hole.
When you go a bit right of the stone, and use your camera, you'll hear that high short whoosh sound. Don't fall. It is going to break a bone or 2. Instead, you will see, natural stone steppes down to the spring. Go down with the page down key, go 1 right,  and fill your pots and bottle up, or even just take a refreshing drink with your hands
side note, only this spring is safe to drink from, all others will lead to minthirst which, if not treeted properly with antibiotics and constant drinking of pot or bottle water, will lead to death.
Return to the steps, climb up with page up key multiple times, and go west to the camping ground.

The camping ground

This place is precious, well at least before. It has small bags, which are from the survival packs, metal, and that cave we were talking about earlier.
If you see an item there, pick it up.
Go all south with the down arrow key.
You will reach the fence. Now collect as much metal as you can. 100 if you have the time.
FEW, you must be energy lacking by now, when I did this I had -101 energy.
Okay, eat some protein bars if you didn't finish them all in the desert.
Maybe even take a deep sleep. R, then sleeping pill.
zzzz- Oh right, okay.
Just a quick note, when you run out of sleeping pills you can just sit down and wait for sleep. If you somehow acquire a hammock you're great. It's infinite
Okay, back to game play, time to forge a spear. Go collect 100 metal if you haven't done so already.
Gather a bunch of dirt, then start a fire. Throw the dirt into the fire, as well as any unwanted resources. Don't throw the wood or metal away.
Okay, hold 2 stones and press t multiple times. When you hear a part of the stone breaking, then good job.
Now, you have a pointed stone in your inventory. Hold it with a knife and I believe you will carve it? into a spearhead. Press t multiple times.
carve up the wood you got with a knife. remember, 4 wood needed.
Now you have 4 carved wood, Hold them with a knife and t.
You just carved them into shafts.
By hold them I mean do this 4 times.
Okay, now combine the shafts together. hold 2 shafts in your hands and press t. Do this again until you have 2 long shafts.
Okay, now use the long shaft with glue to make a sticky long shaft.
okay, now use the sticky long shaft in 1 hand and the long shaft in an other. You will stick the 2 long shafts together.
use the very long shaft with the knife more than once, you will get a notched shaft. Use it with glue/. Then use spearhead with the sticky shaft, and after that string to wrap it up. You will need to press t more than once.
Okay, we got a spear. We're a bit more deadly now.
You can return to the island mainland now. Go east out of the campground, then south to the desert Be careful as you exit it and go more south until you're near the dirt. Then, congratulations, you have made your first spear. And when I finish another section of this guide you will make a hammer to put your metal into use

back to the mainland

We're assuming you haven't died, and are now safe in the mainland. First, go collect some wood. Like 4 wood, 1 clay, a glue and string which you must already have. otherwise what did you do?
The next crafting recipe is not from me.

BlackScreenGaming wrote:

• The first thing you need to do is combine your knife with a piece of clay. You do this by putting clay in one hand and your knife in your other hand and pressing the letter T.
• This will give you 1 soft hammer head, and you will have to harden it before being able to use it in the rest of the crafting process.
• To harden your hammerhead you need a fire, when standing on your fire tile you need to have your soft hammerhead drawn. Then by pressing space with it drawn you will hear a sizzeling noise, you need to keep doing it to fully cook the hammer head.
• Then it is time to start working on the rest of the hammer, start by combining Wood with Knife to get Carved Wood. Do this by putting Wood in one hand, and your Knife in the other, then hitting T. Repeat this process 1 more time so you end up with 2 Carved Wood
• Then combine Knife with the Carved wood you just made to get a Shaft. Also do this twice so you get two Shafts
• Combine the two Shafts you just made, Shaft plus Shaft, this will make 1 Long Shaft.
• Then you need to combine glue with the long shaft, note this is not a glue bottle but just glue. This will give you 1 sticky long shaft.
• Now you want to combine the sticky long shaft with the hammerhead you made in the beginning, this will give you 1 loosly connected hammer.
• The final step is to secure the hammerhead to the long shaft. To do this you need to combine it with 1 piece of string. You will have to hit T more than 1 time, when it is done you will hear the hammer sound along with a tied sound.

end of quote.
Now, remember the pieces of metal we took from the fence? let's put them to good use. First, use metal and hammer while standing on a fire tile. By use I am meaning hold them. Now keep pressing t until the metal is bent properly. Do this 8 times.
Use string and metal 8 times to make tied metal.
then use tied metal 4 times to make 4 tied metal pieces.
combine these pieces together 2 times, before tying the 2 large tied metal pieces together as well. You have a shield now!


Shields and hammers are pretty useful. Hammer lets you forge shields and some other items, and shield protects your body most of the time, reducing the chance of your death.

quick helpful recipes.

is very helpful as it contains crafting recipes of every kind. Props, SmokeJ

Ending for now

Unfortunately, my stw account has been lost, so this is continued. apologies

If life gives you lemons, turn them into bananas and give them back to life.
My playroom account for contact.
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Oh also my favorite song atm.

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