2018-04-27 03:04:49

I was thinking a of a new audio game. I am not sure how it should look like, but here is an general idea.
It should be an audio game where you are adopting a child from an orphanage and have to do certain tasks, like taking care of it, playing and spending time with it, take it to school, help it with homework and more.
I don't know if this is possible, but it's just a thought.

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2019-05-27 04:41:19

that's good bro: may be it will be made someday
lets just dreem?

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2019-06-09 04:11:33

Something simular exists. Baby adopter. YOu have to feed a baby after you adopt it, take care of it, and then buy things for the different locations with points. the IOS and android versions are accessible, the windows ver is... Interesting. And i haven't tested the amazon fire build yet.

2020-04-13 19:08:16

it is borring clicker.

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2020-04-13 19:26:54

at3 wow where to get it

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2020-04-23 04:46:59

everything is boring for you @4, as soon as you see something that you don't think's right, the game is boring, or, why isn't this implemented? the game must be glitchy, just stop being so bloody pesimistic, all I see in your post history is nagging for this, nagging for that, complaining for this, complaining for that, being bossy, and spreading rumors about games being abandoned just  cuz an update hasn't been put out in a week. come on dude, you know better.

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2020-07-13 19:29:42

I just lint like this type of games.

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