2020-06-02 08:07:17 (edited by Gamulation 2020-06-02 13:25:07)

Hi again.
If you have read my setup Guide to OBS this will come in handy for you.
I will teatch you how to asine hotkeys to start recording, stop recording and do the same with stream.
I will also go over how to get the best audio quality for your stream.
(you should read the setup guide before reading this one)

The first thing you need to do is open the settings.
When you are in settings go down until you find: Output. Now press tab and switch the simple option to advanced.
Now you will be in a tabcontrol. You navegate it using left arrow and right arrow. There are a bunch of settings, but for this guide we will focus on audio.
Use right arrow until you find audio. Here you can ajust the track bitrate, as well as giving the track a name.
When you are done with all that go back until you are in the main cattegorry options.
Now go all the way down to hotkeys.
Here is where things get tricky. There will be 2 edit fields that ses stopp recording, the same with streaming.
The first edit field that ses stop streaming is actually start streaming. Just remember, the first one is start and second is stop.
Now. Go to the editfields that you want to change and setup your hotkeys. When you are done with that press OK.
Thats all for this time. I have plans to make more in the future. So stay tuned.

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