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Hi all.
So I have goten a request for a OBS ritten guide. Well here it is.
If you don't know what OBS is. It is a software that allows you to record your screen as well as your audio and you can live stream to youtube, twitch, mixer and so on. In this guide we wil focus on the basic setup so that you can have your screen and audio ready to be streamed.
the first thing you need to do is download OBS studio. The reason you are not downloading OBS clasic is because it is out of date, and doesn't have all the newest features.
Here is the link to the download page: ObsDownloads
Here you select your preferd download type and download the program.
Next thing to do is install the program. If you have the installer. Just follow the on screen instructions and you will be good to go.
When you have everything up and running you can open the program.
When you are in there you will automaticly start in your sceen selection. There will already be a sceen for you that should be named somthing like sceen 1.
To add a source to that sceen press tab one time. Then open the context menu. I use the applications key. When you are in the menu find add and press enter. Here you can use the errow keys or tab to see all the different sources. If you want to capture your screen you select display capture. When you have done that you will be asked to enter a name for the source, you can name it what ever you want. When you are done there press ok.
And now you are in the display propertys. Here you can select the display to capture, if you only have one display it will be on display one. You can also capture your curser if you want that. When you are done with that press ok.
Congratulations! You now have a source set up.
Next thing to do is the settings. There is 2 ways to access the settings menu, but the easiest is to use the alt menu. Under file, go down untill you find settings and press enter.
Now you are in the settings menu of OBS. The first categorry is general. You navigate the cattegorys by using the up and down errows, then tab to go into them and see the settings for eatch cattegory. The genneral is just personal preference.
Now. Go one down. You should here stream. Then press tab. Under service select the platform you want to stream to. For youtube you select youtube/youtube-gaming. Then tab and select primary injest server.
After that you will be in a edit field.
Now you need to get your stream key.
I use Youtube, so I do not know how this will work for twitch, but if you to are using youtube go to: LiveDashboard
Here you navigate by edit field untill you find: Streamname/key.
When you find that go one down and press Reveal, then go one up and copy that line.
When you are done go one down and press hide.
Go back to OBS and paste the key into the edit field. You do not need to go into focus mode, just press CTRL +v. Now go back to the cattegorys and go down until you find audio.
Here you can select the mic sample rate and channels, note that if you select mono your desktop audio will be in mono as well. I use a mono mic, but I set the channels to sterio.
Now you can select your desktop audio device and your mic input. You can have 2 desktop devices and 4 mic inputs.
And when you are done with that find OK and press it.
Now you are in the main interface and you can tab around. Do that until you find start streaming. When you press that it will start streaming to youtube.
The start recording check box is right next to start streaming. You video will save to your videos folder, this can be changed in the settings.
I hope you found this guide helpfull. And if you want me to make more of them just let me know.

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