2020-05-21 18:42:45

Explains the long term strategy of where they want to get to and steps they are taking to get there, and also some good discussion on why they would release an audio described trailer for a game that won't be fully blind accessible:

https://news.ubisoft.com/en-us/article/ … nd-players

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2020-05-21 19:52:25

Good I'm glad they're tackling this. I really cant think of any ubisoft game that we can actually play. Capcom, yes. Snk, yes. Konami, yes. Rare, yes. Sony, yes. And there are plenty others, but not really anything in ubisoft's catalog, so good on them.

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2020-05-21 19:57:23

Great article. Thanks for sharing this! Definitely makes me wish I could be part of the conversation as well! Great to see so much effort from both UBisoft and EA, companies that are both here at home. Interesting that there are notes on valhalla not being fully accesible even though the trailer is fully enjoyable, but unfortunately, I can see that as being more frustrating for some players. but it's great to see the direction they're heading in, even though it looks like For Honour is not going to be retrofitted, much to my disappointment. lol


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2020-05-22 03:47:06

Unfortunately I can't seem to read the article. With Firefox, NVDA gets stuck on a page that is blank, with no objects, and I've even tried refreshing it.

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2020-05-22 07:58:22

Wow. Amazing article. Thanks for sharing.

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2020-05-23 05:56:24

This is great to hear from a big studeo! Wow! Now, if only Apple Arcade had this kind of commitment.

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