2020-04-05 01:23:25 (edited by Dark 2020-04-05 01:24:50)

What do you mean it's not the fifth of April yet?
It totally is! it's been the fifth of April for all of twenty three minutes! See, the clock is after midnight, that totally makes it the fifth. This is absolutely nothing to do with me being a lazy so and so and wanting to get the update out so I can have a lie in tomorrow!

me? Lazy? Honestly! If it didn't mean getting out of this chair, taking my head off this cushion and putting down this huge great mug of coco, I'd totally get up and give you what for for thinking I am lazy!
In fact I might just do that! Okay, ---- you'd better watch it, I'm totally getting up now!
Yes really, absolutely now! I'm absolutely and completely going to get up and give you what more for calling me lazy, just you watch me!

Ah, but that floor is such a long way away and standing up is such hard work.

Tell you what I'll let you off for now, but don't let me catch you calling me lazy again! Since otherwise, your going to be in serious trouble, or at least as much trouble as I can make without getting off my rear end.

now I'm going to sleep, but I'll still leave everyone with the updates!

Updates by Dark:
Cleaned up description for Aardwolf.
Candy crashers: entry and description.
Cleaned up description, and removed none functional links for Super tennis.

Circus master’s revenge: Entry, description and links.
Baribariracing: entry and description.

Updates by Pitermach:
Random adventure roguelike ii: entry and description.
Just Gammon: Entry and description.
Accessible rain for the blind; entry and description.
Accessible domino game: Entry and description.
Accessible fun for the blind; entry and description.
Accessible  Tennis game: Entry and description.
Cleaned up entries and removed out of date links for Galaxy ranger, funny bowling, super football, beach volleyball  and lords of the galaxy.

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Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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2020-04-05 02:49:20

thanks for the update!
was bit bored with the topicks in other rooms for some reasons

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2020-04-06 15:55:37

Dark, stop being so lazy! LOL just kidding

best regards
never give up on what ever you are doing.

2020-04-07 17:16:57

Hey Dark,
I have sent a private message to you, and it is in regards to updating one entry on the database. However, I have found something else: In the A hero's call entry, one sentence should be corrected:
"The game costs 19 usd, and can be purchiced from the above page. There is no demo available, but you can a number of audio trailers on the Out Sight games website which should give you a good idea of what A hero's call is like."
First, I suppose you meant to say something like you can listen to a number of audio trailers. Second, in that same sentence, instead of Out Sight games  the correct developer name as far as I know is Out of sight games.

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2020-04-07 17:36:53

@nidza07 good catch. I may not be Dark but I just took care of correcting this. I also noticed the game name was written as "A heros Call". while it's supposed to have an apostrophe and be "A Hero's Call" so I changed that as well.

If you see any other typos, or find a dead link in an entry, feel free to post about it in the site feedback forum, that way all of the editors can see it and someone's bound to correct it. smile

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2020-04-08 00:07:18

@pitermach I saw that you added some games by Fabián Arias
The only clarification I wanted to make is that from what I saw, all his games are available in Spanish (his native language), English, Portuguese and Italian.
This leads me to ask, I saw that in some posts, you add the versions of the games in other languages, is this casual? Or if a version of a game in another language has a stable link, will you always add it?
Greetings and thanks.

sorry my english, is not my native language.

2020-04-08 15:47:31

@FabiG94 I definitely want to add links to all of them. Unfortunately, I don't speak all of the languages that these apps are in. What I did was just look at his play store page, and found the alternative language versions. For stuff like Domino or Tennis this isn't very hard because the words were similar enough, but something like accessible fun I wasn't sure what to look for. If you can send me links to the other language versions that are missing in the entries, I'll be more than happy to include them.

<Insert passage from "The Book Of Chrome" here>

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2020-04-08 16:59:36

Accessible Fun for the Blind Spanish version:
https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta … &hl=es
Accessible Fun for the Blind italian version:
https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta … ccessibile
Accessible Fun for the Blind Portugues version:
https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta … oacessivel
Greetings and thanks.

sorry my english, is not my native language.

2020-04-08 18:32:56

Dark you are such a lazy, lazy old man. I told you so long to add the Igindis titles and you were so lazy you didn't add them! You lazy wanker!

The past is obviously in the present
Otherwise we wouldn't be talking about it

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2020-04-09 00:05:55

Honestly at nine, posts like that aren’t even funny. If you’re just gonna call someone a wanker that’s just being rude and not funny

Is this the real life?
Or is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide,
No escape from reality

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