2020-03-25 16:55:14

Hello everyone,

I had a question regarding Pokemon Soul Silver or Heart Gold. I know it's one of the more friendly for blind people, since the footsteps make different sounds depending on what ikind of surface you're walking on, etc etc, and I can recognize Pokemon by their cries and remember attacks...
But with the NVDA OCR, I can't use anything in the bag... Do some of you play this games, and how do you manage to heal up with potions or use TMS / HMS?
It's the part that has always keeping me to lounch into those games, even if I'd really love to.

I also know that guides exist, I red some of them, but if you know one that has a good description of the bag or something usable for me, I'd be glad to know about it.

Thank you in advance!


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2020-03-26 09:59:18

I dont use potions. I am overleveld all the time. For the HM I use Retroarch AI service. Then finde the HM I want and setting it to my pokemon.

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2020-03-26 15:44:58

I played it on the ds. Usually I just use trial and error to know what I had, since you can save anywhere. Like the original game, the bag is divided into different sections that you switch between with left and right, and here these dont wrap. The sections as I can remember are, items, pokeballs, and key items. Somewhere there is a tm case in key items. I think that tms had their own section in the original games. In the key items, you can change the position of any item with select and move it where you want, and this may be true for other sections as well but cant remember.

I loved playing this very much when it came out, since you had a whole 2 continents to explore, and the battle frontier as well. Still have my copy of the game, as well as platinum, white and white2.

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2020-03-27 14:39:01


Thank you for the tips, it'll be usefull. I'll wait for the next version of RetroArch, since I can't set things properly with this Ozone menu... And I'll try that.
Yeah, I guess overtrained Pokemon are a good way to not use to much healing items!


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2020-03-27 14:47:45

Hi friends does anyone has guides for all pokemon games?

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2020-03-27 15:29:33

@5 check gamefaqs

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2020-03-27 20:30:02

I also wandered, for games like pokemon Platine, in the intro cutscene you have to click on the pokeball the professor shows you, on a DS it's easy with the tuch screan, but how do you do that when you are using an emulator?
With the mouse it's really tricky, I wandered if some of you had a tip for that specific thing.

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