2020-03-25 17:16:29

Hi folks,

I have recently downloaded a few SAPI voices that I'd like to use in some of the applications that work with SAPI5 (I'm not talking about the OneCore voices).

The problem I'm having with those voices is that, no matter what I do, my applications keep using the German voice Hedda.
I'm aware of the fact that you cannot change the SAPI5 voices in the control panel anymore, so I ran
and changed the voice from there. I double-checked the settings, they were definitely saved! Nonetheless, as soon as I start any of the games and other applications with SAPI5-support, I hear Hedda again, and when I check sapi.cpl, the settings have been indeed reset to default.
Especially in games and software in English, it sounds super crappy, and it is frustrating that something always resets my settings to default whenever I start an application, regardless of any changes made in sapi.cpl.

Google and all the resources I found that somehow mention the issue couldn't get me any further, so I was wondering if anybody of you guys know how to stop Windows or certain applications from hijacking sapi.cpl?

Thanks in advance, and stay healthy! big_smile

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2020-03-25 18:06:30

You should still be able to change SAPI voices from the control panel. Just open it, go to Ease of Access, Speech Recognition, Text To Speech.

Can't blame you for missing that, though. Windows is confusing as fuck when it comes to these things. There's even both a 64 bit and a 32 bit control panel on Windows 10, and the tts settings there can be set to different things. So if the game you're trying to change the voice for still doesn't register the change, also check here:

Please note that some voices won't show up there. I have no clue why or how to fix that, sorry. But hey, at least you'll be able to use MS David. That's progress!

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2020-03-25 21:16:41

I have microsoft as a sapi voice. You need to mess around in the registr editer. If you want a file containing microsoft mark you cn email me.

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2020-03-25 21:17:15

I forgott to mention that. The voice is microsoft Mark.

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