2020-03-25 14:46:47

Hello everyone.
Today I'm bringing you a simple little project I made in bgt. It's a space invaders that introduces you to the art of using classes, although it doesn't go into advanced techniques like inheritance and super classes and so on. Think of the windows attack example on steroids. And in place of viruses you shoot balloons. Because why not. smile
If there's enough demand for it I may put this on a code collaboration platform.
Feel free to add onto this, I intentionally left it open ended so others who wanted to do so would have something to do, lol.
I would love to see ports of this in other languages! Hell, I'm sure somebody may come along and put this in a browser!
Anyway, zip. https://www.phantomcrafting.com/balloon_invasion.zip

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2020-03-25 15:38:51

prepare for different clones with different names without changing the logic (they don't care if you written it or someone else, how basic it is etc).

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2020-03-25 16:00:21

yeah, I'm well aware of that. Hopefully the mods know what to do if that happens, even the readme says not to do it, but of course, really I don't expect that to dissuade many would be cloners. smile

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2020-03-25 17:02:10

Good one Omar, my girlwfriend found it to be lovely. According to her, we're having enough of viruses already. At post 2, he's not claiming the game to be completely his propperty or original, just a code exercise, so, it might aswell be clone proof.
Best regards, Haramir.

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2020-03-25 17:05:27

glad I could help in some way. smile

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2020-03-25 17:10:09

Hey, nice job. I approve.
A little bit off topic, but would you mind sharing the windows attack game you made in pure basic? I've been trying to master some of the basics of that language such as sound, keyboard handling, creation of things like enemies without classes etc, and this could be really helpful for me.
Thanks again.

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2020-03-25 17:41:26

Hi there.
I did manage to find it, I have no idea what state this is in. I don't even know if it runs! lol.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/rhi2ntkc3b8xv … k.zip?dl=1

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