2020-03-25 13:51:20

Dear community,
I would very much appreciate your help by filling out the Google form the link to which can be found below.
https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIp … sp=sf_link
Let me also directly paste the form description as it best describes its purpose and what I need from you.
Your experience with guide dogs
This survey will help me to prepare my presentation for the anual conference of the IGDF (International Guide Dog Federation) members, which is supposed to be held in Prague, Czech Republic this year, i.e. my town and the capital of the country. The presentation focuses on the various myths, misconceptions and possible unrealistic or false expectations related to receiving a client's first guide dog or considering getting one, and the various kinds of potential clients the schools should be prepared to deal with but might not currently be in some cases. This survey is only aimed at individual clients (either current, past or potential guide dog owners), not at trainers or entire guide dog schools. Please, if you do decide to fill it out, answer all questions correctly and to the best of your abilities. If you have never had a guide dog and are not considering getting one in the near future either, you may still want to answer if you find any of the questions interesting. Even the opinions, expectations and possible misconceptions of people who have never owned a guide dog and don't currently want one are valuable data for my presentation.

The survey is quite longer than usual, as it contains 45 questions, most of which should take you less than a minute to fill out, however others give you more room to express yourself if you desire, thus taking more time to complete. No personally identifiable information is collected or needed, although I do ask for your age, sex, country and visual impairment. I don't ask for your name, though, and you may skip a question if you prefer not to answer it. If you wish, you can provide your e-mail at the end to receive the results after I have processed them if you are interested. If the rules of the conference allow for that (I still have to figure it out), I might even be able to send you the entire presentation, either once it's ready or some time after the conference.

Thank you very much in advance for your time and for your valuable answers.

That's it. If you are willing to spare some of your free time to help me out with this, I will be most grateful. To all the others, I'm sorry for taking up your time and for posting a completely off-topic thread.

I wish everyone sufficient strength to cope during these times ruled by an unwelcome and undesired crown. :-)
Best regards,

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2020-03-27 00:41:19

Hi everyone,
I've started receiving answers (already got two sets) to the survey even though noone has answered here yet. I would like to thank everyone a great deal, and I appreciate the constructive feedback about the survey I received in its final question. I'll make the mentioned change shortly.
I know it's asking a lot when I have nothing to give you back in return, and it takes quite a bit of time to fill it out, but I would really be grateful if those who haven't done so yet could actually fill it out too. I do need some hard data to back up my claims after all and I don't have too much time to send the presentation in its final state for review. :-)
Can anyone recommend me other places (forums) for blind people where I could post this to? I'd prefer to avoid Facebook or Reddit if possible, but time is really running out for me after all, so I'll take anything that's out there.
Thanks a lot once again.

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2020-03-27 02:14:56

try blind.reddit.com(Make sure you describe what the survey is about and who you work for in the title)
Feel free to post it on askblindpeople.reddit.com as well.

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