2020-03-24 09:17:16

Stumbled across this list of recommendations on how much voice actors should generally be paid. The focus is on indie productions, though productions with a substantial budget get mentioned as well.
http://www.voiceactingclub.com/rates/?f … j8GRtVfhC8
Hopefully someone finds this helpful / interesting.

Summary of what I remember:

  • Productions that can afford to book a studio, or are big enough to pay by the hour, would generally pay between $100US and $250US per hour.

  • Per-line rates (recommended for indie games) are recommended to be around $1-4US per line.

  • Paying by word happens sometimes (think audio books). $0.10-0.30US recommended.

There are also recommendations for cases where you'd pay for hours of resulting audio, and how much to pay for editing the data, etc.

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