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hello friends, today i'm here to make a brief guide to our beloved devil / devil game!

calm down, I’m not going to talk about keys and anything like that, but I’m going to teach you how to level up fast and how you can win a lot of gold.

to begin I will say, when you create your character, you must put 11 in power and the rest of the points in health. or 12 in power and the rest in health.

after that, you must kill chickens up to level 5, because every time you level up you will put 3 in power and 2 in health. perhaps you can reverse the order by putting 2 in power and 3 in health.

importantly, when killing a chicken will drop chicken from her body, hit enter to get it.

get chicken until your backpack can handle it.
how can i see the capacity of my backpack? simply press space on your gold.

collect as many chickens as you can, that you can sell later

then go and talk to the village chief.

he will say a lot of bla bla bla, if you hate your parents and bla bla bla. hit enter until you're done or just listen to the story

then cross the bridge going to the right until you reach the mountain.
keep going to the right, until you reach a kind of road that has a noise of vegetation

there an npc will be there, talk to her! she will ask you to collect 10 wolf skin in the desert!

well, go to the north of the village and start killing wolves more carefully! there is a wolf stronger than all these common ones it is called a magic wolf.

the skin of this magical wolf is for you to give to the chief of the village and win the card to enter another city.

you will earn 100 gold and 500 xp after completing the women's npc mission.

do your attribute assignment as said a little further up to level 25!
then you can distribute as you wish

how can you earn gold faster, i spent a while thinking with my friend tabalus how we could earn gold faster! then I came to the following conclusions ...

kill many bad guys in the desert until you reach the amount of gold requested, the good thing about killing bad guys is that you earn a lot of XP


you can fish in the sea of ??love, yes that’s the name you heard! the sea of ??love

buy the fishing rod and the bait.
 go back to the main village, go down everything after everything left until there is no way, then everything down.
 focus with tabe on the npc that will be there, go to him and buy the fishing rod and the bait.
 fishing rod costs 100 gold and bait costs 3 gold.
 with fishing you can earn up to 2000 or as many gold as you want!
 let's talk about classes now!
 you can have all the classes, that's all!
 when fr talks to the yulong suzeran, after that you can talk to all the instructors in the training field. support talking to the instructors you can talk to the suzerano movingly and he will give you a sign.
 this card you must give to an instructor of your choice, then talk to the same instructor.
 how can i have all classes?
simple you can create another character and repeat the same process.

you don't need to level up or anything, just take the letter of recommendation and go to another city.

take the plate in the same way as I placed it above, and release it in place with no movement of players.

enter your other character and pick up the sign at the place where your other character dropped it!

With my roar that shakes the skies
, like a free dragon flying.  I'm me,.  This is what defines me.

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