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Hello guys! Today I am here in order to provide a more comprehensive gameplay for all friends of the eternal clan and those from abroad who come, read this guide in the future.
 1, notice the tips that we will give here in this guide are not necessarily mandatory, so follow them or not.
 1, tip number 1
 First start the game, don't do the missions right away! Yes, that's right. Go on navigation, monster navigation / monster navegation
 For those who are in doubt I will use the item to indicate in English and Portuguese.
 Select the boar, or Wild boar, for those who are using the game in English.
 Your character will move automatically to the selected location. When you get there, start killing wild boar until you reach level 5, when you get to level 5 you will kill a level 5 thief; or Robber, Level 5
 Following the same steps, navigation and navigation of monsters / navegation, monster navegation
 And select the thief. Your character will automatically move to the location you are on.
 After reaching level 6, you will now navigate by coordinates! This means that you will no longer be browsing for <navegation> monster navegation./ monster navigation.
 Go to <navigation, navigation by coordinates / Input navigation coordinates And paste the following coordinate,
 1837 £ ¬ 2148 £ ¬ 0 £ ¬JiFangYuan
 And press the keys, ctrl v, and your character will automatically move to the pasted destination.
 When you arrive, start killing the monsters there.
 Repeat this process until level 30! Or if you prefer up to level 20. When you reach the next respectful level, do all the missions and you will earn a lot of XP
  Here's what you can do when you reach level 10

 1: Paste the following coordinates

 2001 £ ¬ 2754 £ ¬ 0 £ ¬TianZhiYing
 You will walk to more level 13 monsters, rest assured you will not die, the monsters are weak but give a lot of XP.
 When you reach level 13, use the following coordinates.
 1776 £ ¬ 2749 £ ¬ 0 £ ¬ZuoRenLin
 Right when you reach level 16, go to the following coordinates
 £ 2435 £ ¬ 2750 £ ¬ 0 £ ¬YangShuLin
 When you reach level 20, go to the following coordinates,
 3260 £ ¬ 2811 £ ¬ 0 £ ¬XianCaoBingHe

 When you reach level 24 go to the following coordinates.

 £ 2923 £ ¬ 2838 £ ¬ 0 £ ¬BingRongDong
 When you reach level 30, follow the coordinates below.
 1722 £ ¬ 1195 £ ¬ 0 £ ¬ZhenMoTang
 When you reach level 38, go to the following coordinates
 £ 1578 £ 1898 £ £ 52 £ ¬NingShenLu
 It is worth mentioning that you need is flying. All players when they reach level 40 automatically win a ship that can be used to fight flying monsters or simply fly!
 All this that I mentioned is optional, when you reach a certain level, you can start doing the missions. But the trick is to match 15 to 15 levels and then do missions. In practice and theory, it is recommended to accumulate missions and do them later.
 Wait for more news for part 2 of the guide, There is much more ahead.

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