2020-02-04 22:05:38

Hey all,

Any idea why does the alexa app on ios the following? Or is this a bug in the game itself?
Basicaly i start the game and got on a road where's a village. I'm being told that the road continues east. Okay, lets go east. I'm being told that i move east but i'm still at the same location, with the sign which points to a keep which is east. Assumed that there's a tutorial so i tried explore village, explore town and just explore. Alexa said she can't understand me. So i'm clueless how to proceed.
Additionaly, can anyone tell me why can't i use my mud client to connect to the game? Back at the 6 swords topic i saw that it is now available in a text format and i'm getting enough of dear Alexa's can't understand you message, but the address doesn't work.

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