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Hello, this is a 2d horizontal scroll MMORPG developed by yulong.
Elements borrowed from Oriental martial arts.
The game must be placed in a full English path.
The game uses built-in tts and doesn't support screen readers, but it doesn't matter.
The game can be translated, but the player needs to copy various text information in the game and add it to the language file for translation. The language file is located in the data directory, the file name is tts.txt, and the translation format is Chinese text = English text.
For example: weapon = weapon
Items = items
I have done some translations, you can download it, put it in the data directory and go to the game settings to enable it.
http://www.fileconvoy.com/dfl.php?id=gd … 83120910e3
This game requires vc2015 runtime.
After you download and decompress it, you will find two .exe files in the directory, one is the main game program, and the other is the tts setting program.
So we first need to set up tts, and then run the game.
After running the game, you will find that it is all Chinese. It doesn't matter. Press the hot key shift + c to copy the text information for translation, so the game menu is not difficult to understand.
We first press down arrow to find the setting and press Enter, then press down arrow twice to find the words like whether to use a language file, and then press the right arrow to select Enable. This way, every time you add a new translation It will take effect immediately.
Let's introduce hotkeys:
First is the function hotkey:
Copy text information: shift + c.
Append copy: shift + d
f1: Character interface, you can press the up and down arrow keys and the Enter key to browse, including character information, equipment held, and missions received.
f2: Open the backpack, you can press the left and right arrow keys to browse the categories, the up and down arrow keys to browse the items in each category, use the enter key, and the space bar to view the item information, shift + enter gift .
f3: skill bar, up and down arrows to browse, space bar to view skill information, hold down the delete key and hold for 10 seconds to delete skills, press enter to open the menu, there are options to activate skills, improve skills, etc.
q w e r a s d f is the skill hotkey. Find the activation and press Enter. At this time, you can press any one of these 8 keys to activate it. When you use it, just press the corresponding hotkey.
f4: Information interface. Press the left and right arrows to browse the categories, press the up and down arrows to browse the information, press the space bar to open the chat edit box, enter text and press Enter to send the chat information.
t: View the weather conditions on the current map.
Enter: Manipulate items, NPCs, corpses, exits, etc. on the map.
f12: Team interface.
Next is the action hotkey:
Left and right arrows move, up arrow key jumps, down arrow squats. If there is a way above or below you can move.
alt + arrow keys to adjust the facing direction.
Tab and shift + tab to browse targets in view
shift + up arrow: follow the selected target (at this time, if you touch any key, it will stop following)
shift + down arrow: Lock the selected target.
p: Turn pk on and off.
m: adjust the categories that the tab can browse
z: View coordinates.
x: View personal status.
c: View the status of monsters and other players (you need to lock the target first).
Spacebar: Normal attack or use the props in your hand.
Next introduce the character attributes:
Character attributes include: constitution, power, mind, spirituality, and agility.
constitution: Associated with your health, physical defense, and magic defense.
power: Associated with your physical attacks, physical defenses and a small amount of speed
Mind: Associated with your stamina and a small amount of magic damage.
Endurance is equivalent to mana, Using skills requires endurance.
Spirituality: is associated with yours, magic damage, magic defense, and a few dodges.
Dexterity: Associated with your speed, dodge, and few physical attacks.
Speed determines the speed of your skill attack, dodge determines your chance of parry.
Enter the game, get out of the novice room, and after skipping the plot, the system will give 15 points of attributes for players to assign(Warning: Do not quit the game, otherwise the 15 points attribute allocation right will be lost).
After that, each time the character advances a level, the system will give away 5 attribute points for players to assign.
15 attribute points presented by the initial system suggest increasing constitution and power
Because these two attributes are missing, you may not be able to kill a single chicken.
so In the early days, it is mainly to increase constitution and power.
In the future, you can make reasonable attribute assignments according to the selected road.
Take the assassin route, for example, to increase strength and agility.
Minor constitution and mind
Because the skills you learned need these attributes.
If you want to take the warrior route, you mainly add constitution, power, and spirituality.
Then consider increasing your mind.
To take the magician route, you mainly add spirituality and agility, then consider adding power, and finally consider adding constitution.
this is three general routes, Easier to understand.
There are other routes as well.
Such as archer, melee physical swordsman, melee magic swordsman, melee magic whip, This requires players to use their brains and think carefully about how to properly allocate attributes.
To be continued

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