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Are you one of those players that just can't leave an area without seeing everything? Do you hate moving on without ticking off all the possible activities?
If you are, then this is for you! This page contains the info for all of alter Aeon's quests on Sloe and how to complete them, as well as which areas have exploration points attached. It also describes areas as we run into them, including important services in towns and cities and where to find them. Guides for Kordan and Archais may also happen, but don't cross your fingers since Kordan is pretty huge, and Archaise even more so.
Within this file, a city is defined as one of the two major settlements located on each island which also have according files in the alter aeon help system. Towns often have similar services to cities including waypoints, but are not referenced in help files and may be off the beaten path. Vemarken, for example, is a city. Bandera Azul is a town.
This file also assumes knowledge of the game's basic terms. Nothing too fancy, though you should know what waypoints are for example, what recalling means etc.
The first part of this will look pretty linear, because we have to get through the newbie quests before we do anything else.
First, you have to go through character creation. This is pretty self explanetory. You get to choose your name, password, email, and class. I'll do my best to keep this class neutral. I can't make promisses though because I'm not the best at the game.
Next, you will play your class specific introduction. This is not a quest, but it's kinda required if you want to continue playing. This is also pretty self explanetory, but as a general rule every area is very linear in its makeup. You collect your first equipment, kill your first few mobs, learn how to use your initial skills and spells and there's usually at least one section with a branching path to give insentive to explore. Once you finish your intro area, you'll drop into a ravine that lets you start...

Quest guides

Quest name: Discovered an ambush party! (deed)
This is the newbie start quest. As you come out of your class specific intro area, you'll find a wounded soldier you must talk to. Then simply head forward in the directions you can go, there are no splitoffs here, slaughtering any imps you find. As soon as you kill the last one near the encampment, you should complete the quest.
This leads you to a down exit, which lets you enter the refugee encampment.

Town: You are near the refugee encampment

Description: The camp is very simply layed out. The central area is a waypoint. From here, you can go north to an equipment shop, south to a healer's tent that can cast spells on you for money, west into the hut usually to get new quests, and east to exit the camp. On the camp's northeast side is a trainer for physical skills, while the southeast has a trainer for spells. South from the healer's tent is a donation pit.
Enter the camp using the down exit, and talk to Whelan. He will give you...
Quest name: Defeated the Carver Shaman in mortal combat! (deed).
Head east a few times from the hut, into the fields.
Area name: The Grassy Field (instance)
Description: This is a pretty open place, except for a large rock formation in the middle of the area. There are zombies, thorn beasts, and imps here. The imps are always aggro, but the thorn beasts often take a while to attack. The zombies never do. There are also some chests here with equipment inside of them. Most of that eq is warrior oriented, but any class should pick it up as it can be useful in covering your armor slots in the early game.
The shaman is located on the east edge of the field, in the carver encampment. He also guards a chest. Kill him, loot the camp, and return to Whelan.
For your next quests, you'll want to go into the stony field east of the grassy one. The grassy field functions as an instanced area, which means every time you enter it a new copy is generated just for you or your group. Asuming you didn't take too long getting the new quest, you should still have your instance. This means the shaman should still be dead. Whatever the case, head past his camp into the stony field and pray at the waypoint.
Area name: The Stony Field
Min level: 1
Description: There's not too much different from the grassy field to the west. In the western part of the field, you can find a waypoint, and the mobs you find usually don't attack. There's also a fur tree in the south west corner which we'll get to later, plus a hidden exit which we will, you guessed it, also get to later. The eastern part of the field however contains goblin warriors, hairy beasts, and a small boss kind of thing called Woodfist, so be careful while exploring it. There's also a farmhouse in the northeast corner with nothing of value in it.
You're actually supposed to enter the cave at this point, but we'll first get to two side quests in this area.
Quest name: Brought food for the hibernating bear. (deed).
From the stony field waypoint, head all south. Then enter the tree you find and speak to the druid. Exit the tree again when done.
Now, you can type "search" to find a crack in the wall like the druid told you about. Enter it, and you'll find...
Area name: The Druid's Sanctuary
Min level: 3.
Description: Another very open place. It's basically a small area in which you can go in any direction you choose from the center. On the east side is a stream for fishing, and at the southwest is a cave with a bear in it.
There are three ways you can get food for the bear here. The easiest is to get the catfish on the suthern end of the stream by simply picking it up, if it is there. It will not always be because other players may have done the quest shortly before you. You can also learn the foraging skill if you have the levels for it, and forage in any of the rooms in the sanctuary. Finally, you can learn the fishing skill from the druid, take one of his fishing polls and use that to catch something in the stream.
However you manage to aquire it, take the food to the cave in the southwest and simply give it to the bear.
Once that's done, go back to the druid and talk to him again to be sent on...
Quest name: Found some peppergrass leaves. (deed).
Talk to the druid and reenter the crack. It's best to look for the leaves in multiple rooms, as they don't grow in the same place all the time. You have to use the search command to find it, but once you do, simply pick it up and give it to the druid.
Now that you're finished here, it's time to do what you came here for.
Quest name: Brought the sunlight staff back to the encampment (deed)
The cave you're looking for is 2 east from the stony field waypoint.
Area name: You are on the island of Sloe. (instance) (also this area name is broken)
Min level: 2.
Description: This place is pretty twisty and turny with two larger spaces in between. There are blood oozes, gremlins, skeletons, zombies, imps and sluggets to fight. Quite the company isn't it?
Enter the cave, then if you want to get further, go generally west and south. There are some other rooms here, but those only have some bats in them and not much else. Once you go south a few times, you should encounter an enemy called "rawbone gutcarver", he's some sort of subboss. He carries a very powerful weapon that is useful for warrior characters. To head out of this area, keep going east. You'll arrive in a kind of circling area with a junction. You can go around it either by going north or south, though which direction you ultimately choose doesn't make much of a difference. Keep walking your chosen path until you reach the next junction, then go east. You'll be heading along a limestone tunnel which soon turns south, into another larger cavern. At its southeastern corner, you'll face ahpach, another subboss of this cave. Once you kill him, you should loot the key, you'll need it later. Leave this place via the east exit, which will lead you into another long tunnel, which in turn changes into a river bed you should follow. Further south is a branch leading off to the east. You can go down here and find a carver witchdoctor to kill for a nice piece of necro/mage equipment. If you keep following the river bed, you should soon arrive at the carver trash heap. Kill the mound of trash, unlock and open the chest and get the stuff in there. Among the loot in the chest is the sunlight staff you're looking for. Once you have it, recall your way back to the camp and give it to whelan.
Quest name: Freed the graveyard from the Vampiress (deed).
Next, you'll be told to talk to sonja. She's in the healer's tent.
For this quest, you need to find the pellam graveyard. It's east from the stony field, so fight your way past Woodfist to enter it.
Area name: The Cemetery near Pellam
Description: The cemetery is split up into outer and inner grounds. The outer grounds form a circle you can walk around with a waypoint at the northwest. There is also a path leading out of the area from the southern edge. We'll get to this later. There are four entry points into the inner grounds, three gates on the north, east and south, and a broken fense to the west.  How you get in is up to you.
Inside, there are two mausoleums. The eastern one is optional, while the western mausoleum continues the quest. I recommend doing both for the xp and the potential equipment.
Monster bash your way into the eastern mausoleum. There's a ghost here you can kill for a potion of "protection from evil" if you wish.
In the first crypt, there are ghouls and mist creatures. Killing the mist mobs will give you more protection potions if you want them.
Start by going down into the crypt propper, then use the east exit. Follow the path until it turns west. Continue until west is no-longer a viable direction.
From here, you can go north, into a row of older crypts which have some ancient skeletons in them. It's basically a bonus xp area.
Go back to the junction and go south this time. Continue to follow the path, till you come to an area that lets you go in all four directions.
To your north will be a barial chamber. You can't do much in here. West of you is a shortcut into the second crypt. We're not going in there either, because we're not entirely done here.
Take the only path that is still open to you, south. Follow it to the chamber of a subboss.
This guy's called "the lord of ghouls". I highly doubt he's the lord of literally all ghouls in the game since there are a lot more than just these few around, but whatever.
The ghoul lord has a key with him. Take it and backtrack to the barial chamber and open that chest if you wish. There's a shield, some gold and a scroll in it.
Now, let's enter the second part of this crypt. We'll be encountering such pleasant creations as vampire spawns and revenants.
Go through that hole we saw earlier and start going south. Follow the path to a hallway fork with all four directions, and go south into an antechamber.
There's an optional puzzle in here. Follow the  directions and you'll come into an area that wraps around with lots of barrial chambers and various zombies in it. Bash your way to the south side, where an antechamber will lead you into Grimmath's tomb.
Here, open the box, take out the cane, and use it on the coffin. Fight the necro and his clay man, and you're done. You don't gain too much, except a tiny bit of story and a piece of eq for necrocast level, if you want that. Oh and all the xp.
Ok, let's get out of here. Back to the intercection we go!
Going north won't yield many results. There's just the western entrance out of the crypts, so westward.
Keep following the path. I'm going to say this about 543000 times before this file is finished aren't I? You'll come across a side chamber. there's two armor pieces and an electric sword to loot from here to those who feel they require such equipment.
More path following, till we get into a west-east stretch. There's a southern chamber in here, and it contains the boss of this dungeon. Make sure your stats are filled and any minions you may need are here, and go deliver some smackdown. Once she's gone, get your ring and optionally the amulet she leaves behind.
Now, you can either recall, or you can keep going east and follow the path to another side chamber. This one has similar equipment to the first, two more pieces of stone armor and two swords of different elements, one electric, one fire. Loot at your leasure, and go back to the camp. Give the ring to Sonja, listen to the completion of the sob story, and rejoice over your gold and xp reward.

Where do all of these npcs get all that xp from anyway?

Quest name: Made it to Pellam and broke the blockade
Go back to whelan and talk to him. You're almost done with the encampment, so be happy about the fact you don't have to deal with that guy anymore. Waypoint to the graveyard again. We have kobolds to kill.
Remember that path out of the cemetery we briefly mentioned above? Well, it's time for you to take it.
Area name: The Kobold camp (instance)
Min level: 5.
Description: A simple path will take you to the camp, which consists of a wide open area with a ten to the north, west, and east sides, and three tents on the south. Oh, and kobolds. All the kobolds.
Start advancing south towards the camp. enter it when you get there and begin the destruction.
The inside of the camp is pretty open, if you disregard the aggro kobolds hanging around. There are some smaller tents with aditional sleeping kobolds in them, but most of the equipment is pretty crap in my opinion. There's a good chance you've already found better eq on the other quests. The xp isn't exactly good either since you're probably around level 8-10 by now.
The leader's tent is on the south side. he has a bunch of guards protecting him, but at this point, they're pretty squishy and easy to get rid of. Slay the vermin once and for all.
Asooming you killed him and didn't die a horrible death yourself, yay, you did it. Now go loot his corpse. the piece of paper is especially important.
We're going to get out of the camp, but not the way we came. We'll head further to pellam. Go out the tent, to the far southeast corner, and head further southeast to enter...

Town: Town of Pellam

Min level: 8.
Description: Usually all three islands contain two major cities with a lot of land to be explored, and a lot of questing to be done, located between them. Not on sloe though. Pellam is pretty destroyed as of now, so say good bye to all your modern conveniences. Since it's destroyed, there are few major buildings that still stand. A town hall and shop are to the east, and there are a few streets with the waypoint one north of  the center. there are two exits out of pellam. One is the northern exit, but the kobold camp is in your way if you go that direction. The main path out of pellam is to the east, leading towards vemarken.
First of all, go to the pellam waypoint and pray there to successfully break the blockade. Then, do the following:
Quest name: Translate the strange paper from Uffspigot (feat)
From pellam's north entrance, simply head west and hand the paper to the dude working there.
Remember that the password is X. Yeah, they know a lot about security in this world. Really. Onto the next deed.
Quest name: Exposed the cult of Kenai near Vemarken (Deed)
You're technically supposed to go back to whelan and talk to him one more time, so just do that so we get it out of the way. You'll get nothing for it unfortunately. Now back to the main quest. Recall back to Pellam.
Head one south to the pellam city center, then east until you enter...
Area name: The Island of Sloe (between Pellam and Vemarken)
Min level: 8.
Explorer points: 7
Description: This area mostly serves to connect the two towns. There is a stream in the middle which you can head south or north along of, a Fork close to Pellam that leads to Bandera Azul, and the entrance to the false temple, our next major dungeon area. There is also an old newbie forest from the days when the starter quests weren't a thing, filled with mobs that you're probably way too overleveled for by this point. This newbie forest is located on the southern part of the stream through an east exit, and also contains a path that leads into the back of Vemarken. this area also extends south and north of Vemarken to Bandera Azul and Stillwater, so remember this when trying to farm eps.
We're just going to head straight into Vemarken for now. So just blunder on east until you arrive at...

City: Town of Vemarken

Connects to: Indira.
Min level: 8.
Description: Congratulations, you've reached your first city. Your first city that's actually standing that is. This one's not too big and only has two main roads. There's lots of quests here as well. Don't worry, we'll get to all of those in due time. First, let's find out where everything important is. All directions (except the waypoint itself) given from the waypoint.
Waypoint: One southwest of the town center.
portal: ne
Donation room: s
Bank: ne, w, w, w, w, s
Trainers: Information displayed on sign northeast of wp, with directions, for the class trainers. Aditionally, the following trainers are present:
Smithing trainer: ne, w, w, w, s.
Butchering trainer: ne, n, n, n, e.
Ranger: ne, e, e, s, s.
Tailering trainer: ne, e, e, s.
Mining trainer: ne, s, s, s, s,e.
A priestess of Mutt (doesn't stay in one spot so use the where command to find if you want to convert to Mutt or get holy jobs.)
Daily job employers:
a hedge wizard: ne, nw.
The general storekeeper: Ne, se.
The Mayor of Vemarken: ne, e, e, n, n.
the redsmith: ne, w, w, w,s.
Other stuff:
Forge: ne, w, w, w,s.
Exits: northeast from the wp there are streets going in all four directions. Each one leads to another place on the island.
Alright, that's done. Let's bring the joyous news to the mayor. You'll be coming into Vemarken from the west side, so keep going till you're two east from the town center. Head two more north, and use that awesome talk command.
Great, more dungeon stompage! This next one takes a while if you want to look at everything, and there's two side quests in there we'll also get to, so prepare an invigorating beverage of your choice and throw yourself into it!
Let's go right back the way we came. Go west out of the city, till you're one room in front of the stream. There's a hidden path northward here. Take it to enter a temple.
There's a priest in here that won't let you in. The usual solution to this is to bash your way inside, but not this time. Just say the letter "X", and the doors shallt openeth! Enter the stairs and be transported to...
Area name: The False Temple (instance)
Min level: 6.
Description: Your first larger dungeon. The first half of this consists of hallways with a lot of doors leading into random rooms. If You're on the lookout for new eq, or just curious, feel free to blunder into each one. The second half is more linear except for a small puzzle at the end.
Go north into a long hallway. There'll be some guarding kobolds here.
First, go two east, and open the door to the south. fight the black elf, and then we can already start the first side quest.
Quest name: Found Indiana Jones' Legacy (feat)
The room description mentions tracks leading to the east wall, so go east. Now, you're located in a maze where the directions you must go aren't shown., so I'll list them.
e, s, e, e, s, s, w.
Following these directions, you will soon reach a new corridor. Follow it to a throne of bones.
From here, there are paths to the east and west. Both paths lead to two pedistals respectively. The southeastern pedistal has the quest item on it. Simply pick it up to finish. the other three contain pieces of equipment. they don't look too bad for certain characters, so be sure to give them the eye if you're interested. The southern corridor just contains a room that has a piece of paper in it. On the paper is a hint for a later puzzle in the temple.
Alright, on with the main quest!
Retrace your steps all the way to the main hallway of the temple. Going one west from the entrance brings you to an intersection. To the south is a library, but we can't do much here yet. Remember this place though, as we shall return later.
Going west brings you to the corridor's end, but there's a storage room here with an asasson in it. he carries two pieces of thief eq so check him out if you're into that.
With all other options exhausted, north it is. Back to the intersection and along the corridor!
There's a fork here, but it contains little of interest besides a door that opens into a room with a hill giant in it. Nothing to loot though, but go ahead and clobber him if you want to be thurrow. On we rumble.
North. To a bedroom with a necromancer. Kill, loot, equip, do your thing. Then head back outside.
West, to an acid trap. It's not as bad as the game says it is, but minions do tend to lose health in here so move on quick.
West again. South are the kobold living quarters. Go in for easy kills.
Further west is another bedroom with mobs to kill inside it. But the main path lies north at the intersection.
The path splits to the east and west. West is a messhall and a kitchen with absolutely nothing inside of them. East is a great hall which you can explore for some mercinary kills.
Have minions/protective spells/whatever else you need ready, because you're about to get jumped. Head east out the great hall, and south into a laboratory. Several mobs will spawn with you which you must destroy.
Open the wall to the west, go west, south, and then east. Pick up the mallet, and then it's time for the second side quest. We're almost done with the main dungeon as well.
Quest name: Freed the old wizard from his glass prison! (feat)
Remember that library I told you was useless? Well, not anymore. Run all the way back there, alternatively just recall and reenter the temple to aproach it from the other side. Open the bookcase and go south into a hidden chamber. use the mallet on the case, listen to the wizard's ramblings, and you're done.
whether or not you have saved him, we must continue. So onward from the forge intersection we go!
From that place, head south, then you must follow the directions exactly, go three times east, and one north. Otherwise, you must recall.
Take out the guard, and open the door. The high priestis of the temple begs for a smackdown. She'll give you a monolog, but you don't have to listen to it if you just want to get on with the carnage.
Recall and talk to the mayor to get showered with rewards and follow-up quests. Go to the center of town and enter the portal. We don't plan to stick around long on Kordan, as we must finish sloe first. So the area description for Indira will come later.
Go two west and one north from the portal and talk to the captain. He'll send you right back to the mayor. This is not the only time such a thing will happen. He'll send you right on to the general store, but you know what? he can go himself. Let's choose where we go for once.
Finally, we're done with the mandatory quest line! This means we can start getting some other things done.
Before we embark on any major quests, there's one thing you can do which is super simple. In Vemarken, there are a number of sheep and cows running around. If you milk one, you get an achievement. The nice thing about achievements is that you get more than your current xp cap as a reward.
Let us start questing independantly now.
Quest name: Taught some punk kid a lesson he'll never forget. (Feat)
Simply go south out of vemarken, until the path turns southwest. Attack the kid you see and watch as he teleports away like a coward.
Quest name: Returned the sacred chalice to the Shrine of the Vemarken Faithful. (Feat).
Talk to the priestis at the Vemarken waypoint. Use the waypoint command to get to Pellam.
In Pellam, simply go two east, type search, and get the chalice. I can usually find it on first try so it isn't necesary to have the search skill maxed. Once you have it, recall back to Vemarken and hand it over.
Quest name: Returned a lost memento to an old man. (feat)
Talk to the old man at the center of town. Go west out of the city till you reach the stream. Head north along it until you reach a spring. Kill the platypus and get the ring, then bring it back to the man. yay for 10 second fetch quests! Also yay because we get to do a followup quest! Let's get right on that shall we?
Quest name: Solved the riddle of the foaming fountain. (Deed)
Go four west from the center, all north, northwest, and keep following the path. Enter the archway to find...
Area name: You are in a small garden near Vemarken. (instance)
Min level: 7.
Description: The first half of this place simply circles around. You can go either west or east from the entrance and you'll circle around a few rooms with vines, poison ivy  and sunflowers in them. A path opens up at the northern part, going further north. Here you can find a fountain and a hut with a very dead caretaker in it. Looks like we know what happened to this place. Beyond that is a grassy field with some other mobs in it.
We're interested in the fountain outside of the hut. So simply go look at it to figure out what's wrong.
Wow, that was truely enlightening. Let's enlighten the old man, as well. Spoiler, the wizard's aprentis did it. She can be found nw and u from the city center. Talk to her first, then to the old dude again for quest completion.
Let's move on to the general store. This guy's got a bunch of stuff he wants us to do.
Quest name: Reported to the general storekeeper. (Um, I'd tell you what category this quest was, but it doesn't have an entry in either deeds or feats so let's just move on, ok?)
That's literally all you have to do. Just talk to him.
Quest name: Found the needle in the haystack! (feats)
Accept the quest, but using the quest accept command this time rather than talk. Go four west from the city center, two north, and look in each of the hay stacks till you find the needle. Bring it back to the storekeeper.
Quest name: Chatted up the Mayor of Vemarken on behalf of the general storekeeper. (deed)
Accept the quest from the storekeeper, talk to mayor, talk to storekeeper, done.
Quest name: Put down the deadly white wolf. (feat)
Accept quest, then go two west from center, two north, one west.
Talk to the shepperd. Now, take the same path you took to get to the garden, but instead of entering the arch, enter the cave you see. Kill the wolf, go back to the man and tell him of your glorius battle.
Quest name: Gathered a few items for an apothecary in Vemarken. (Deed)
She can be found 3 east and 1 north from the city center. For this, we need to brave the gardins again.
Once you're in, things are fairly straightforward. Just murder a sunflower for the seeds. Kill two aifids in the northern half of the gardin for your honey and get out of here.
hand over the goods and we're done. |You'll get a followup quest, but it takes you to another village and I want to finish Vemarken before we go anywhere else.
Quest name: Collected a bounty for cleaning up some of the nuisances in the Greenwood forest. (Feat).
The mayor gives this quest, so pay him a visit. We'll have to go eastward out of Vemarken for this one.
Area name: You are on the island of Sloe (between Vemarken and Hildabrad).
Min level: 9.
Explorer points: 1.
Description: This road is like the others leading out of Vemarken. It connects the city with Hildabrad. There's an intersection close to the middle which leads into the greenwood forest and the blue marshes, but not too much of note besides that.
Just keep going along the road until you come to a campsight intersection. Here go north into the greenwood.
Area name: You are in a forest on the island of Sloe.
Min level: 8.
Explorer points: 4.
Description: If this place looks disorienting for you, you'll be glad to know that this is by far not the biggest forest we're going to see. Basically though, there are two or three paths that will take you in a northern direction through the forest. The northern end borders on the northern beach, and there's also an exit into stillwater, another smaller town, to the northwest. The forest in general is a bit more open to the west. Right near the southern entrance to the area is a west path that brings you into a small mine. If you already have the mining skill ,you can make use of it here. It only has three or four rooms though so making an area entry for it just seems pointless right now. There are coocoo birds, Pillywiggins and dragonflies you can dispose of in your admerable, but unfortunately fruitless rush to kill every mob in the game before it respawns
To complete the quest we came here for, just go find one of the Pillywiggins. their ground string describes them as faerie-like. Destroy one, and take its corpse back to the mayor. This quest is repeatable to my knowledge.
Quest name: Brought a ray of sunshine to brighten an imp's day! (feat)
Go ahead and pay the hedge wizard a visit. Talk to him, give him the coin, go down and enter the portal. You'll arrive in...
Area name: You are in a mysterious extraplanar realm of air... (instance)
Description: The entrance room is simply an up-exit. Once you take it, you can't reenter it, so use recall to escape once you're done. You'll be able to fly in all four primary directions all the time, because this area wraps around. There are a bunch of mostly incorporial mobs floating around here too. only the stormclouds will attack you on sight.
Simply kill the three mobs you were instructed to find. Take the spellcomp drops. Just cart the items over to the apothicary when done, then cart the potion over to the imp in the necromancy shop.
Quest name: Brought Dinger a bag of goodies (Deed)
Ok, we've done all the quests that don't require us to visit other towns. So let's go somewhere else shall we?
You must exit Vemarken on the eastern side, and keep going in that general direction till you reach...

Town: You are in Hildabrad, on the island of Sloe

Min level: 10
Description: This place is layed out with the town in the center of a few field rooms. There are dirt roads that lead to each section of the fields, as well. All of the shops are located near the square, on the cobblestone roads. The dirt roads only contain houses and exit onto the fields. There is a park on the west side. There are a few aggro mobs in this town as well, but nothing you shouldn't be able to handle at this point. All directions (except the waypoint itself) given from the waypoint.
Waypoint: From the area's entrance, you'll want to go e, s, enter cabinet, w, s, e, s.
Daily job employers:
Silver: e, s.
John the woodcutter: w.
Myla the herbalist: n, e, e.
The Mayor: n, w, n, e.
Exits: Out of the area itself, there's just the northwest exit that you come from when arriving from Vemarken.
Right then. Dinger is right at the waypoint, so go dig out that bag of goodies and hand it over.
Oh my god finally, no followup quests, we can actualy do what we want for a change!
You want to get overwelmed? Then use the directions above to find the mayor's office again and talk to him for a quest deluge. He'll literally give you five of them at once. We shall go through them in order.
Quest name: Put a big fat rat on a diet, permanently! (Deed)
Go two south from the wp, then three east. Talk to the farmer. Go through north door, kill rat, report back to mayor.
Quest name: Helped Joann to find her name tag. (Deed)
From the wp go s, e, e, and talk joann. Then return to the wp and go north, all west, two south, one east, and one north. Talk to the shaman. She'll send you on a sort of subquest.
Quest name: Helped the town shaman to get rid of a bully. (deed)
Go out of the shaman's place, then two east, one south, four east, south, up, and destroy everyone in the room. Backtrack and report to the shaman.
Ok, back to what we were doing before. We have the nametag, so let's bring it to joanne. Backtrack all the way to her store and deliver the prise.

Quest name: Became an honorary member of the village of Hildabrad. (Deed)
Remember how Joann was talking about giving us a coin, and how the mayor told us to find one? Well, now we have. Go give it to him. When you do, you will get sent right on the following.
Quest name: Delivered an important package from the mayor of Hildabrad to Vemarken. (Deed)
Go to the wp, recall to Vemarken, give package to storekeeper, revel in the gold and xp shower. This guy's going to give you two followup quests, but we won't do them yet. They're both on Kordan and we're not finished on Sloe. We still have something to do in Hildabrad so recall back there.
Quest name: Found the key to the donation box. (deed)
Alternate name: Stole the church's meager donations.
From the wp, go north, east, all north, west, north, and into the church west. Talk to the priest, and recall.
Go two south, two east, south, and down. Open the box, go east into the den, fight the shrew and get the pendant.
Go back to the church. Now the pendant you have also functions as a key, so you could unlock the lockbox in the church and steal the guy's stuff for the evil quest ending, or give the pendant back to him for the good one.
We're done here. Two more towns to go on this island! We'll do stillwater next. From the Vemarken wp, head northeast and then far, far north, till you reach it.

Town: Village of Stillwater

Min level: 9.
Explorer points: 4.
Description: For a town this is very small and devoid of most town facilities. There's a waypoint, a few npcs, and two exits into other nearby areas. If you haven't learned to fish back at the druid's sanctuary, this is an ideal location to do it. No seriously, fishing, fishing polls, and fish, in general, are all these npcs will talk about.
Waypoint: 1 north from entrance.
Fishing trainer: e, e.
Exits: The south exit you already know of, but if you go two north from the wp, then 5 east, you can continue heading east into the greenwood. Alternatively, you can head south after going five east, and enter the swamp north of Vemarken that way.
Quest name: "Took care" of Ol' Blue (deed)
Alternate name: Cured Ol' Blue of the distemper.
You can do this quest in two ways. You can either just go two north, two west, and two south, kill the dog, and talk to the fisherman. Or, if you don't feel much like murdering cute puppies, you can do the following:
Two north, 5 east, all south, southwest, two west. Here, you have to type search, until you find a red fern. Pick it up, then recall back to the stillwater waypoint. Two north, two west, two south, give flower to dog, talk to the fisherman.
Quest name: Defeated the ferocious mugwump on behalf of a retired hunter.
For this one, go two north from wp, four east, one south, talk to the hunter, north, east, all south, and southwest into...
Area name: The Polliwog Swamp
Min level: 9.
Explorer points: 1.
Description: Another very open place. three rows of rooms in a grid fassion. In the middle of the northern row is a rocky island. Small swamp creatures which are mostly annoyances to kill really.
The island is your target. Go one west, kill the lizard thing, down, north, east, kill mugwamp, retrieve corpse, recall, find hunter, claim your amazing bounty.
We have one more village left. Recall back to Vemarken and head south along the way to Bandera azul.

Town: You are in a village on the island of Sloe

Min level: 9.
Explorer points: 5.
Description: The main street, if you can call it that, leads west from the entrance, then turns southwest to the docks. There's also a churhch with a waypoint in it, and some other weird things. One problem with this area is that many of the houses are locked. If you want to get in without exploding in frustration, you'll need either the pick locks skill, the knock spell (which is very high level), or an item that can cast the knock spell for you. This is important if you want to get all the eps the area has to offer.
Waypoint: 5 west and south from first room of area.
Thief trainer: d.
Exits: If you go north, southwest, west, and north, you can leave the village via the northwest route which takes you near Pellam.
Note for ep farmers: If you lack either the pick locks or knock skills, you can go down and south from the wp. There's a woman mob there which sells wands of knocking. They're pretty pricy though, so you can also kill her. she carries a wand of knocking herself. You can get a wand this way if you're hard up for gc or just don't want to spend any. You will only be able to get at most 4 eps without exploring the locked houses so you'd better get on that if such things are important for you.
For the questers though, there's two things we can do here.
Quest name: Did not eat the kitten. (feat)
Alternate name: Ate the kitten.
From the wp, go north, southwest, and west. Here, you must type search until you find evil roy. Talk to him, and once the kitten is here, you must type "oz kitten". What happens depends on your alignment. If it is evil enough, you will eat it, you sick, sick person.
Quest name: Returned a lost child to his mother (feat)
At the last room before the entrance to the village area you may have noticed a child. If you talk to him, he will start following you. Drag him two west from his position, south, up, north, and west. Pick up the coin and you're done.
We're done with the town speciffic quests. Now there's just a few things that bridge all of them together.
Quest name: Helped the local merchants of Sloe deliver crucial shipments. (deed)
This is one giant, multi-stage fetch quest. It starts at the Vemarken general store.
First, wool to stillwater. Waypoint there and go two north.
Next, fish to vemarken. Waypoint, ne, n, n, n, w.
Seaweed to Vemarken. e, s, s, s, e, e, e, n.
Potion to Vemarken. s, w, w, w, nw.
Robe to vemarken. se, se.
Quest name: Vanquished the foul Nekker of the Blue Marshes. (deed).
For this quest, you'll want to get a water breathing potion. Recall to Vemarken and go ne, 3 east and north from the waypoint and buy one from the apothicary Head east, to the intersection with the greenwood but instead, go south into...
Area name: You are in the Blue Marshes, on the island of Sloe.
Min level: 9.
Explorer points: 3.
Description: The marsh isn't very big. At its entrance is a convenient waypoint. A long strip of it borders the sea to the south so you can't go much further in that direction. At the northwest corner is a pond. There are snakes, lizards, spiders, and some other things to vanquish.
The necker's lare is in the northeast corner of the pond. From the waypoint go south, west, southwest, south, west, northwest, north, and east.
Kill the water sprites, then use that water breathing potion you have. Take the down exit, kill both mobs down there and loot the scale from the necker's corpse. Bring it back to the storekeeper to complete.
Quest name: Helped to cure a sick child. (deed).
Yes, I know. This takes place partly on Kordan, but it's listed under a sloe quest so it goes here. Remember that package we got ages ago? It's time to dig it out. Enter the portal in Vemarken's center and go two north and west. Give it to the  alchemist.
We're still not going to bother much with area descriptions here because this page is about sloe and only about sloe. We're here only due to nececity. Really.
East, two south, then east out of Indira. Two more east in the old forest. You should have reached a sign that talks about a mine to the south. Here try gather root until you find the root you're looking for. Bring it back.
East from the Alchemist, two south, 3 west, south, west, enter tunnel.
Now just keep following the path you get. You'll be entering an area called the indira ruins. If I ever do a Kordan page like this one, we shall return here in due time. Walk along until you reach a passage heading down. On the 2nd level, there are some side rooms leading into sleeping chambers. Don't mind them. keep going until you enter the 3rd level.
Here we will find what we're looking for. There are sweet smelling chambers leading off from the main path here. The mushroom we want typically grows within logs, so if you find any in one of those chambers, look inside them. Once you have the mushroom, return to the alchemist and hand it over.
Another followup quest. Should a kordan walkthrough ever happen, I shall tell you all about it, but for now, we'll leave it here.
Quest name: Successfully passed through the Vemarken tower of learning.
From the vemarken wp, go ne, 3 south, west, and talk to the quizmaster. Touch the statue, then simply go through each room, talk to every quizmaster inside them, and follow their instructions. Most of this stuff is pretty easy to figure out. It does take a while but hey, it's almost free xp! Oh, and three sanc scrolls if that's what you're into.

some special thanks (trust me when we get to the other two islands this is going to be a lot larger)

Special thanks to Jayde for imparting to me the knowledge to finish the quest "Cured Ol' Blue of the distemper!"
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