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[WORK in progress!]
1942: comprechensive Guide. Written by Nuno (nuno69a at gmail dot com).
Chapter 1. Introduction
Welcome in 1942, an anti-japanese strategy war game developed by Chinese people as a commemoration of the events that happened 80 years ago.
This guide aims to serve as a complete walkthrough to the full game and its secrets.
Warning! I don't recommend reading this guide unless the following happens:
You already completed the game.
You don't care about it.
You're really, really stuck.
You just want to get information about your shiny new team member.
The intro-talk is done. Now let's blow some japanese asses!
Chapter 2. Key guide
F1: open the given unit's equipment.
F2: Open the given unit's backpack
F3: Open the given unit's skill screen.
F5: refresh the map
1 to =: change active unit
Q: Switch targeted person.
W: switch targeted item
E: switch through hand-held weapons.
R: Reload weapon (only non-automatic weapons).
A to G: use corresponding skills.
Z: view position.
X: view currently focused units stats.
C: View position information
V: view currently focused enemy's stats.
Arrow keys: look.
CTRL+Arrow keys: move.
CTRL+Q: End turn.
Shift+C: Copy the last spoken text to the clipboard
Chapter 3. Level guide
3.1. Prologue: trapped in the jungle
Level requirements: reach position 8, 6.
New characters:
Kin luo
New enemy units: none
Kin Luo:
Kin is a chinese soldier especially trained in using pistols and engaging in close combat. He can effectively stab enemies with a bayonet or even choke them.

The game starts with an introductory cutscene. We're told how the japanese invaded Burma and how they cut China off the outside world. We see how the C46 aircraft is blown up by the japanese forces and we meet our main hero, chinese soldier Kin Luo.
As soon as we regain control go one step left. What that is, a gun!
To be precise, it's a colt M1911!
After picking the gun up go down, 3 right, 2 down, 4 left and what that is?
Two herbs! These plants will heal a little of our HP. They might seem useless at first, but they can save your skin in some hard moments!
After picking up the herbs backtrack to the broken hatch (4 right, 2 up) and go right 2, up 3 from there.
Press F2 to enter the backpack and equip your new gun.

3.2. Shadowy crisis
Level requirements: kill the japanese rifleman in less than 10 rounds.
New characters: none.
New enemy units:
Japanese rifleman

Japanese rifleman
A standard japanese rifleman. He is just holding his dear Meiji38 rifle and a bayonet which can save his life in a critical situation.
By killing a japanese rifleman you can get the following:
-Meiji38 type rifle
-Meiji military knife
-Meiji rifle ammo
-Yiuki grenade (consider yourself lucky if you find it).

This area is slightly more complicated than the previous one, although nothing scary, yet.
The map looks like a corridor made between trees with little open spaces on both sides.
As soon as you regain control do the following:
Go 2 up, 3 right, 3 up, 2 left.
Two grapefruits!
These will heal a little of our stamina, maybe it's not a huge, monstrous value but better to have them than not, especially in early levels.
After scuffing the plants go 3 right, 3 down, 1 right, 3 down, 1 right.
Now watch out, as the japanese man is waiting there just prepared to end your life. Try to find him and kill him.
Here I recommend using your ordinary attack or try and throw him. Do not waste your fast shooting skills as you won't find bullets in the very near future.
After killing him you can loot his body because there might be some useful items in it.
Then just  after getting your new gear equip the knife as a backup to your pistol and press CTRL+Q until the level ends. This will regain your precious stamina.

3.3. Fight side by side
Level requirements: kill all enemies.
New characters:
Chan Wenfei
New enemy units: none

Han Wenfei
Han wenfei is more of a sniper/sneaker type. He cannot walk very fast (only 3 steps per round) but if you know how to utilize his sneaking skills he can be bloody dangerous.

This level's map is slightly different than other maps we've already seen.
It's a square that is 8 by 8 and it contains some interesting things on it.
Shrub: patches of shrubs can allow both you and your enemies to hide. For you it means that your Q key will not work as usual and for your enemies it means harder time tracking you.
Eucalyptus: these barriers will prevent shooting enemies that are behind them.

At the start of the level our characters are diagonally set to each other, meaning that Kin is at 5, 5, whilst Han is at 6, 6.
First of all move kin to Han. Now, as you can see we're surrounded from three sides. Our best bet would be to kill first two enemies and then explore. So let's do it!
Firstly kill the enemy that is up and right from you, because he's guarding Han's rifle which he needs. Although he's a great sniper he is not good at stabbing. After eliminating the first enemy go up and right as chan and take your loot.
We will not need Han anymore so you can try and move him to the upper right corner of the map and fight as Kin for the rest of the level.
Kill the second enemy, I recommend killing the one closest to han. Then you can go to the bottom left corner of the map as there are two herbs there. I don't know if that loot is worth your trouble, though.
If you don't want the herbs then kill the third and last enemy as fast as possible.
Keep in mind that it is not possible to take the loot from him.

3.4. Survive to the dawn
Level requirements: survive to the dawn
New characters: none
New enemy units:
Japanese army officer
japanese machine gunner

-Japanese army officer
Cool knife you have, guy and what a loud pistol! Easy to kill and forget. He has a lower chance of dropping Yiuki than his riflemen friends, but his loot is overall better.
By killing a japanese officer you can get the following:
Japanese combat pistol
Officer's knife
8MM ammo (what a weird caliber)
*Yiuki type grenade. Consider yourself a pupil of the dev if you get it.

-Japanese Machine Gunner
That little devil is not hard to kill. He's basically defenseless when taken from a close distance, because he's in a minority that has no knife or a bayonet to stab you with.
By killing a japanese machine gunner you can get the following:
-Taisho 11 machine gun
6.5MM ammo

Scary music, scary level and scary amount of japanese! However we're better as we're not controlled by an AI, so let's work our way to safety.
The map is much more complicated than the previous maps. We are dumped on the northern part of the map, while quite a safe zone which is the valley is in the southwest. But what a player I would be if I didn't take the loot, so let's explore.
As Kin, go 2 down, 2 right and down. Take two sweet potatoes (another stamina recovery item) and go left. Hide in the shrubs and move up slowly and look left for a valley entrance.
As Han from the starting place  go 2 down and go max left. Then go 1 down and 1 left to be in the map corner.
There are two powerful healing items here. Take them as Kin or Han (doesn't matter) and wait there patiently for enemies to come.
Keep in mind that there will be two new enemy units here (see above).
Now to the meaty part of the whole story. The level is not hard if you take the following into account
If possible, avoid having all your characters on one square. If enemies will be throwing their explosive melons at you, only one soldier would be hurt by the explosion.
Plan who to end first: this advice will carry on throughout the whole game. Observe and see who is doing the most damage. For this level, your first goal will be the machine gunner, then japanese officer and then our good friends riflemen.
Try not to heal: the next level is a safe zone so no worries about losing too much HP.
So just camp in the valley, kill, loot and end the level.

3.5. Rescued and safe
Level requirements: Han Wenfei should arrive at the warehouse gate
New characters:
Sun Yiruo
New enemy units: none

Sun Jiruo
Sun is a korean medic thus, her combat skills are limited, but she can still deal a great amount of pain to her enemies if developed properly. She is best seen with a rifle, although she can have all other kinds of weapons, but she's the most effective with the rifle.
As Kin, go one step left and take the items.
Stern submachine gun!
Yeah, our legendary british machine gun called many names by its funny appearance. High power, low cost. Take it because why not?
Feel free to make any modifications to Kin's equipment and switch to Han.
As Han, go left and loot the box.
Lee-Enfield rifle, another classic of the Second World War. It is too short to effectively stab but it's range is long enough to shot an enemy from far away. These weapon descriptions are awesome!
Get and equip the rifle and switch to Sun.
As Sun, go one step right and loot. Then, go down and loot.
Medical packages and bandages: these can be used to heal units. Press accent from within the backpack to hold an item in your hand in order to utilize it.
Feel free to equip the rifle and prepare to leave. Keep in mind though that there's no time limit, so check your equipment thoroughly.
The gate is at position 4, 1 so don't waste anymore time and get there.

3.6. Forest and soldiers
Level requirements: reach position 15, 1
New characters: none
New enemy units: none
First of all we should reunite our party. They are not far away from each other but in this level it is recommended to keep the characters relatively close together. Playing as Kin do the following:
Go 1 right, 2 down and end the turn.
As Han pickup the items and go 3 down.
And finally as Sun go 1 right, 3 down. Now our characters are reunited. You can check with C if there aren't any enemies and end the turn of the last character.
Again as Kin go 3 steps down. Check if there are not any enemies. If there are kill them or leave them. It is up to you. Keep in mind however that they will hear your shoots and more of them can come.
Repeat the same move with all 3 characters. Keep in mind that new enemies are not respawning when you are switching through your characters. They take action only when the whole cycle of characters is over.
now we have two ways to proceed. It's up to you which one you will choose. I will present both of them
Path 1: less items but safer.
Go left 1, down 2.
Go down 1 and take the items (quite powerful healing herb), and right 2.
Go right 3.
Go right 2 (take the items) and up 1.
Go up 3.
Go 2 up, 1 right.
Go 1 right, 2 up.
Go 1 up, 2 right.
Go 3 down.
Go 2 down, left 1.
Go 1 left, 2 down.
Now you're on your final way.
Go 2 down, 2 right.
This is the end of the first path.

Path 2: not fully documented yet
Go 3 steps right and check for enemies. Kill, leave, as you wish.
Go 3 steps right.
Now you can go up to the northern wall to gather some items, then backtrack to your two remaining characters and proceed as follows.
Go 2 up, 1 right
Go 2 right (take the items) and down 1.
Go down 3.
Go down 1, right 2.
Go right 1 (take the items), and up 2.
Go up 3.
Go up 1, right 2.
Go 3 up.
Go 2 right (take the items) and down 1.

3.7. Bloody dusk
Level requirements: Kill all enemies
New characters:
Tang Shao
New enemy units: none
Tang Shao
Tang Shao is a kind of a strong man. He's holding a sword that can deal huge damage to opponents. He's also good at throwing grenades and dealing mass destruction with a machine gun.

This level is one of the hardest missions currently introduced in 1942. Our task is not only to kill all enemies, but also to keep Tang Shao alive. In the cutscene we see how he's chased by the japanese and even shot by one of them. As we see his status we see that he has 15 HP and 10 stamina! So we can assume that even the weakest attack will kill him.
The map of the level is divided into two distinctive sections, split by a pile of rocks. The southern part is occupied by grassy area with a patch of jungle in the south west, and the north is occupied by a mountain.
Our characters are placed in the "L" formation, meaning that Kin and Han are standing in a column, and Sun stands next to Kin.
Tang, however stands two steps right from Kin. How I always do it is that I go to Tang as kin and drop him some herbs that are restoring Stamina. Don't waste healing plants on him, because as you know we have a medic in our team!
Then as Chan I go two steps right and one step down.
As Sun I go 3 steps right and heal Tang.
As Tang I take items placed by kin and start escaping north towards the mountain.
Our goal is to position 4, 8. Then we are at the foot of the mountain.
From there go up and take a turn right when possible.
When you take the first turn right, go one step right and take the items.
Ten year old herb, a very powerful healing item.
When you take the herb, go max right and max up.
Then turn right and enter the peak.
Go to the upper-right corner of the map and take the items.

3.8. Night of nightmares
Level requirements: Kill all enemies
New characters:
Xiao Pengyu
New enemy units:
japanese medical soldier
Japanese ensign

Xiao Pengyu
Xiao Pengyu is a man that is way, way overpowered in my opinion. He's holding a machine gun, he can spread fire and death all around him, plus he's blazingly fast! He can take six steps at a time which is an absolutely massive value!

Japanese medical soldier:
This woman is protecting her comrades with her own life! She is very easy to kill, she has no gun, only a small knife that our character can easily avoid. However her danger lies in the task she performs. She will heal all enemies around her. By looting the medical soldiers you can get the following:
Medical Package
Cotton package
Japanese short knife

Japanese ensign
A very high-ranked japanese soldier. He is very proficient in using his knife, so stabbing him is out of the question. Because of his very hard training, he is also very durable.
By killing the Japanese Ensign you can get the following items:
Japanese combat pistol
Officer's knife
8MM ammo (what a weird caliber)

Oh no, our enemies have burned a village. We're here to protect what's left to protect.
We'll have to kill many, many people before we can leave. We need to camp ourselves in a corner to avoid being surrounded. Kin should go two steps down and remain there.
Han and Su should stand still.
Tang should go two steps down.
Now we have two pairs of Allies:
Kin and Han are staying together, and su and Tang are standing together too.
This makes it possible to have a wider field of view, as well as a wider field of fire.
Now let's fight! As I said before, the number of enemies is very large, try to kill the enemies closest to you. The most dangerous enemies are machine gunners and japanese Medical soldiers.
Try to provoke the enemies to stab you unless you see your status is low.
In the 5th round something interesting happens! Our new comrade jumps to the battlefield from the back of the warehouse, ready to fight with us.
As most of the enemies are in the northern part of the map, going back to our group as Xiao is out of the question. I Guarantee you, even with his "superpowers" enemies would kill him in two or three turns so he should move one step down and stand there just shooting people that are coming dangerously close to him.
The fight is not hard to win, the difficulty lies with getting the biggest amount of loot.
Don't worry if your characters die in this mission. The next level is a safezone so in order to get the game over all of your character must faint. Remember to loot japanese medical soldiers, you will need their supplies for the next missions.

“If you are not united,” Jamuka said in a low voice, “you can be broken by those of no importance, just like a single arrow. If you unite, you will be as solid as the five arrows and no person will break you.”