2019-11-28 23:25:18 (edited by YourUso 2019-11-28 23:40:24)

Hey everyone,

I will most likely post the same thing up on Jonny's forum, but I would like to give people a place to publish their work, whether they are a professional producer, or a beginner. I am aiming this for more of the beginner side of things, but everyone is welcome.
Now, As well as giving people feedback on their beats, I would also welcome any composition, a song, rap, fully fledged orchestral piece, if its music, I'll accept it. I'm planning on making a website for people to display their work, but for now, each month I will put up a pole.
People can vote on their favorite piece from different categories, from HipHop, to classical, depending on what submissions I get.
Feedback is welcome on either forum, but I would please like you to submit your samples publicly on this forum, just because it makes it easier for me. However, if you are on both forums, I am not too fussed, you can post it up there, just make it public, because I will be linking to it in the pole.

I hope this inspires up and coming artists to shine, and work towards their goals as a producer/songwriter.

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2019-11-30 06:35:32 (edited by YourUso 2019-11-30 06:38:15)

OK! I have set some guide lines.

Any piece of music will be accepted, but if it is a song, or rap, or beat, they will be classed into different catagories. If yours is the only one in that catagory, your sumbission will not count.

Each half month (15 days) the cycle willl start. From now till the 15th of december, people have their chance to upload their tracks. From the 17th of december to the 30th, there will be a pole, in where people can vote, as well as provide their feedback. On the 30th of december, the track in each catagory will be voted for, and displayed on this topic. Hope yall enjoy, and happy music making!

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2019-11-30 06:40:19

this all sounds cool and all, but how is this "feedback"? and I am sure new artists will not like to commpete with other ones but just show their music.

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