2019-09-08 01:45:15

Hey guys. I would like to share my new ... old channel. I had it for a while, but i now started actively posting on it.
A bit of history.
1ST, it was the eye mixer. I was playing on my keyboard, and i said, it would be cool if i uploade remixes of popular songs. Then, it was still the eye mixer, but i decided to do audio games because, at that time, i got into audio games. And recently, as of the ATB Forum, formerly known as the alternitive audio games forum, i renamed the channel to my real name, Jaidon Vincent. I finally started to focus on audio games, annd also do some slice of life videos. #SaveTheTempBridge! Thats not a real hashtag, but it will be in future. anyway, here's the link.
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTKL3T … fupnVwmAmw

If you like what you hear, please like, subscribe and turn on notifications. I'll be uploading another crazy party video later. And i'm sorry if sound quality isnt perfect. I'm using my phone to do the vids and uploade them afterwards. Later on, i'll upgrade my mics and other stuff.

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