2019-09-06 14:48:51

I just grabbed the free trial of NHL 20 this morning, and figured I'd give it a go.
Here are some notes in no random order.
The game out of the box speaks all the initial set up optiosn like choosing your experience, control type, ETC. You can get to the accessibility menu by pressing y on Xbox or triangle on PS4.
They are currently using recorded speech, so this means there is very little done as far as anything dynamic.
The audio menu has a mislabeled voice file for menu theme called audio queues. I'm hoping that this means they are playing with the concept of adding audio queues, and that someone didn't just screw up the script somehow.
As in madden 19, only the main menu, and a few select sub menus are spoken. World of chel seems to read some basic menus, but again there's no tts so there's nothing dynamic here.
Gameplay has nothing to help a blind person play it. This doesn't surprise me, so I wasn't at all disappointed by this fact.
I want to warn those who are fifa fans, that the game is made by the same studio. if you are expecting full TTS in Fifa 20, you will most likely be disappointed. this also means that I doubt there is going to be any special audio or vibration queues this year.
I'm hoping however that Madden's TTs will make it's way to NHL and Fifa 21. I'm also hoping that maybe there will be a patch that includes these mysterious audio queues.
I will try out fifa 20 when that trial drops, but I am not very confident that we are going to see any major access fixes for this year. These things take time, and we need to be patient.

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