2019-08-13 04:18:51 (edited by dash 2019-08-13 04:20:37)

I using hspinet.as.
I have updater wchich checking version after launch the application.
If i don't have active internet connection program crashes with error 1 in the line 38.
Line 38 is
netgetv uptver
How to fix it, to make the program working without the internet?

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2019-08-14 14:15:51

You should read the reference and check errors as instructed.

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2019-08-14 15:46:20

what is HSP?

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2019-08-14 16:52:04

Japanese programming language.
Dash, before the update you should type
onerror : goto *error
Then somewhere later in your code
dialog "An error has occured!"

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2019-08-14 17:16:47

How difficult is it to learn HSP without speaking Japanese?

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