2019-08-14 17:00:54

I do have camerlin or however you spell it from Sam's site, but I'm not sure how good that really is I haven't messed with it. If it's the same or similar to Mason and Sam's LAV, then I don't want it it can burn, that is laaaaaggy!
Anyway, are they're any bgt reverb handlers, or even libraries that work with bgt that have documentation?

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2019-08-14 17:12:42

Libaudioverse is rather laggy, I experienced that myself already too. I didn't find a nice way to add effects like reverbs to BGT yet apart from adding an entirely new sound interface via external libraries, and I didn't found an implementation well enough for my needs yet.
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2019-08-14 17:42:18

Reverb with the Camlorn_audio wrapper is unstable as hell. You need to understand all the limits of all the parameters, using them wrong can break completely unrelated features, half the time it just doesn't work, etc. It doesn't crash the program, but it's a headache to get anything good out of it. Remind me and I'll get more specific when I have access to my last attempt at using it.

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