2019-08-11 19:38:17

hi all
I've downloaded the qq program signed up and connected but it works for me in a very strange perhaps is what are the keyboard shortcuts, or even usually what should I be aware of?

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2019-08-12 03:18:40

what's q q?

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2019-08-12 19:49:54

Whats your exact problem @1?

Raduvay se, raduvay
Raduvay se domaki ne
Kolko liste po gorach
Tolko zdrave na taz kyshcha

2019-08-12 20:07:29

hi nuno
well, I did not really understand how the program works

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2019-08-12 21:01:16

Is qq awailable for non chinese users

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2019-08-12 21:28:53

i think yes

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2019-08-14 03:40:40

There is an English version of qq called qq international. It was accessible on ios 2 years ago when i used it. I don't remember ever getting the international version for pc to work with nvda. The Chinese version doesn't work very well on the mac at all, and the one Chinese person I know who has a mac told me he never got it to work either. Wechat, which doesn't work on the pc, works on macs though. If you want to go around and try to label all the possibly changing unlabeled buttons, then maybe you could get the mac version to work. The standard qq app for pc in Chinese works fine usually, though I find I sometimes have to send things to myself twice. The more business oriented version called tim, is not accessible on pc at all, but works for messages on ios. I haven't gotten too much else in it to work yet though.

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