2019-08-11 04:56:45

Ok, not sure if anyone can help me here but i'm as I scowered the net and found nothing relevant.. So basically I put together a new rig, everything went great except for me not taking out standoffs that were causing my mobo to not power on. But I got it all set up and all my files synced to it including my reaper projects and when doing initial setup for Reaper I set it to WASAPI for the lowest latency. And I noticed when I opened a project, on playback it was compressing the audio when the drums kicked in and would cut out lower bass tones as well. I opened a file in audacity and set audacity to use wasapi and it just clipped when I turned the volume up like it usually does. If I set reaper to direct sound, it clips when the volume gets to high as well, which is what I want it to do, because these projects open up fine on my mac, it doesn't compress the playback at all while playing.. I even tried it with a usb mic and that didn't work, I thought that using the mic would bypass the realtec hd audio drivers on the mobo, and I don't even know where to begin.

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