2019-07-30 03:39:23

If the stories are too difficult, could we have a list of achievements, similar to Super Egg Hunt?
This would be a matter of adding an option to the main menu for achievements, adding a line to the copy text at the end of the game (or it could be another dialogue), and adding a line to check if the player has the achievement, and if not, give it to them.
The most difficult part would be to actually place the achievments and create them.
I'm thinking one for each mission, then some for defeating difficulty levels on a mission, then after these are added, there could be more complexity, like defeating the hardest mode 4 times, or playing 30 fast modes.

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2019-07-30 09:45:24

i don't really see the point of achievements unless said achievements unlock something.

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2019-07-30 12:59:25


I have to admit, I lean more toward Darren's opinion on this one, but achievements is something we could do.  I'll add this to my list of things to look into.  I'll also see if maybe we can't have it unlock some things as well.  NO promises on either count.  As to the story thing, if people want a story outline at the beginning and ending of missions, that can be provided.  I don't think it's quite what people want, but I'm willing to do it.  I've been taking notes on the suggestions people have made, and it's possible we'll revisit EKS later.  After all, if we wanted to do a multiple faction version of the game, as suggested by the Blackscreen gaming team, we'd be better off setting the war during the Second Interstellar Wars where we could theoretically have 4 factions.  If we did so, building long term campaigns, rpg elements, etc would be easier to do. 

Take care,


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2019-07-30 22:22:31

For example, I got the game, played several campaigns, and now I'm not playing it much. I did try starting a super hard game, but I haven't had time to play it.

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2019-07-30 23:16:14

Couple of quick notes:

Oversight: I forgot one item that we have completed in the update that was requested.  The select planets menu during start up, now shows the planet type next to the name of the planet to make selecting specific types of planets easier.

Sorry about that, a lot of ground to cover, and I just blanked.

Story/achievement discussion:  We're discussing doing something similar to what Dark suggested in post 110 as a stopgap.  It's not the way I'd like to do it, and I don't think it fully satisfies those who would rather have a large campaign, but that is doable with the current infrastructure.  We're also discussing achievements and possible unlocks from those.  These if they happen will be very modest things. 

This last is still in discussion stage, it might still not happen, but it is being seriously considered.  However, due to the infrastructure things I discussed in 125, any of this will be small scale and probably half measures. 

Take care,


Valiant Galaxy Associates Company, owned by Aaron Spears and Jeremy Brown develops and markets audiogames for the Blind and Low Vision markets.

2019-08-01 19:03:04

Not to beat a dead horse, but I want to post this to demonstrate exactly how many ships can be involved in a game.  One of our betas challenged me to beat the game on the first three difficulty modes on military victory.  I managed that, but now i'm trying to do the same on ridiculous mode.  my first outing ended in 25 minutes with the AI victorious.  This one lasted longer, but still didn't work out well for me.  There were upward of ten thousand ships produced in this game.  At the end, the AI was moving around 8,800 a turn.  Multiply your own experience with hazards and losses, and then think about sound spam with ships tied to individual sounds.

Game Statistics for Playthrough of VGA Expanding Known Space, Version (21).

The player lost! It'll be better next time?

The game lasted 1 hours 43 minutes 19 seconds  and ended on Thursday, August 1, 2019 at 11:44 AM.

The war between you (the solarian federation) and the enemy (the interstellar union) started in 2850 and ended in 2900 (202 turns, with the interstellar union victorious.
Game was in ridiculously not fair difficulty.
Military victory condition was assigned - the interstellar union met this condition
The enemy was in normal mode.
the solarian federation finished with 2 colonies (5%) with the most ever held  being 11. the interstellar union finished with 38 colonies (95%) with the most ever held being 38.
the solarian federation colonized 0 of 1 asteroid belts, 1 of 7 space stations, 1 of 3 ice planets, 0 of 7 volcanic planets, 0 of 4 ocean planets and 0 of 18 earth type planets.
the interstellar union colonized 1 of 1 asteroid belts, 6 of 7 space stations, 2 of 3 ice planets, 7 of 7 volcanic planets, 4 of 4 ocean planets and 18 of 18 earth type planets.
At the end, the solarian federation was making 3 credits for 0% of the total income, the interstellar union was making 1468 credits for 98% of the total income.
the solarian federation made a total of 8163 credits, the interstellar union made a total of 204652.
the solarian federation spent 5 on intelligence gathering, the interstellar union spent 1010.
the solarian federation purchased 389 interceptors, 263 destroyers, 44 frigates, 98 cruisers, 113 battle ships and 30 colony ships for a total of 937.
the interstellar union purchased 342 interceptors, 48 destroyers, 165 frigates, 110 cruisers, 8223 battle ships and 52 colony ships for a total of 8940.
the solarian federation lost 408 interceptors, 263 destroyers, 48 frigates, 101 cruisers, 181 battle ships and 16 colony ships for a total of 1017 (988 lost in combat, 29 lost to hazards).
the interstellar union lost 18 interceptors, 8 destroyers, 2 frigates, 5 cruisers, 102 battle ships and 5 colony ships for a total of 140 (117 lost in combat, 23 lost to hazards).
the solarian federation lost 9 ships to changing loyalties, the interstellar union lost 87.
you have won 2 military, 5 colonization, 0 economic, 3 capital control and 3 mission victories and you have lost 1 military, 0 colonization, 0 economic, 1 capital control and 1 missions for a total of 11 wins, 3 losses.

Valiant Galaxy Associates Company, owned by Aaron Spears and Jeremy Brown develops and markets audiogames for the Blind and Low Vision markets.

2019-08-08 18:13:56

Any reason on why Avast would think it's a false positive?

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2019-08-10 13:29:50


I'm not sure in the case of Avast, but we have had reports of false positives from Microsoft Windows Defender users.  Microsoft flagged all users of BGT as possible Malware due to a few programs written in the language.  I suspect the same thing is true of Avast.  We've been reporting these to Microsoft, and we'll do so to Avast as well.  The game is not a virus, and we're very sorry that it's appearing to be one to some virus scanners and malware detection programs.

The more users that can report that it is not malware, the better.

Sidenote: We are still working on the update, but Aaron has had health issues, and we've been significantly slowed down.  Take care, and thanks for the report and the question,


Valiant Galaxy Associates Company, owned by Aaron Spears and Jeremy Brown develops and markets audiogames for the Blind and Low Vision markets.