2005-04-28 00:06:14


does any one know where I can find some good sound effectsfor free,

especially science fiction ones? Thanks!


2005-04-28 06:59:27

sounddogs.com has some good sound effects. though if i listen to them they

are low quality, if you purchase them they are high quality i

although, there's a good site called www.findsounds.com. in the

search box, type a word, and find sounds will look for all the results

related to that word. find sounds will search sounds on the internet, so it

has no own sound collection. the sound files currently support .wav,

.aif/aiff/aifc and .au file formats, in mono or stereo, for 8000, 11050,

22000, or 44000 hz, for 8-bit or 16-bit. if you want to only search 44100 hz

stereo wav files, uncheck the au and aiff boxes, uncheck the mono checkbox,

and set the minimum sample rate to 44100.
there are not a lot of science

fiction, for that, sounddogs.com is a better place to go. but at least there

are hundreds of star trek sounds on findsounds.

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2005-04-28 15:27:12

yeah, i just checked the sound fx site out,
they've got some good

ones for star trek and star wars, nothing too long and it's just the tech

sounds you hear in the episodes, but they're alright.
there's also a wide

variety of animal noises and other sound fx as well.

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2005-04-28 15:42:58


site with high quality sound effects is www.ljudo.com. it does not have any

science fiction sounds i believe, but its quality is excelent as far as I'm


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2005-04-29 01:41:43


Yep, findsounds.com is cool. Ever wanted a fighting background

for your games or the ones you play? Well, that's the place to go.





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2005-04-29 12:13:24


would really like to find some good lightsaber loops and some star wars

bridge sounds. Where could I get some of that?


2005-04-30 22:26:45


evry one, can any body tell me how can I download a sound from find

sounds.com or ljudo or what ever?
cause evry time I try to download a

sound, it just plays the sound, but how do ya actualy save it on your

computer with out the media player starting to work.
thanks alot
big y

2005-05-01 06:31:00


the media player works, go to file, and go to save media as or something.

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2005-05-01 06:50:58


arggen I'll try that