2019-07-12 00:37:48

Does anyone know if there will be any accessibility efforts in the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator? I remember someone on here saying that they think there will be. Is there an info about this anywhere?

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2019-07-12 01:32:58

there's no info for sure right now. I'm hoping there will be, and if not hopefully it's something they will attempt to work on in future.

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2019-07-12 01:43:20

I'm in the insider program. Like most insider builds it's not like there's an NDA or anything so hopefully I can stream it.

Besides, keep in mind that while they said no ability/disability will be left behind, the highest priority for accessibility will be ease of use. Joystick, keyboard, mouse etc. I can tell you from experience that, while the original FSX has keyboard controls for surface controls, E.G. rudder control, it's not fun to control those on a keyboard. The current sim a number of us use, Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D, also has these same controls and I don't know of anybody who uses them. The simulation is too realistic to even taxi with real weather injection into the sim, but if MS adds accessibility, it would be audio cues as to how to follow the taxiways in the sim. Taxi is the only phase of flight inaccessible in a mainstream flight simulator right now. Mainly, because it involves the same skills that one uses to drive.

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2019-07-12 02:28:57

Well, they would probably have to add beeps while you're in the air and a speak heading, altitude, and climb rate like EuroFly because running FS tramp or FSX Pilot wouldn't be possible on an X Box, and it would take them some time to update the programs for the new sim. I'd be interested to see if audio gets any better or if we're stuck with the same audio engine and sounds from FSX and Prepar3d, yeah, that ATC needs some work...

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2019-07-12 03:04:14

Uh. Last I checked the insider programs still had NDA's. You may want to double check that.

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2019-07-12 04:30:12

regarding accessibility:
@3, consider that they made taxiing accessible. then what about landing? )not just the ILS approach, what about visual approach, VOR approach etc)?
We still need help for these kind of work.

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2019-07-12 05:10:41

Yes, that's very true. Techmaster20, it won't be coming out on XBox for quite a while, only on PC to begin with

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