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Breed Memorial is really a great game of its genre, it has become my favorite offline game recently.

I especially like its original solution of how monsters are created from our, aka user's own files, lol!

However, as a very competitive type gamer, I miss the opportunity to compete with other, real people, other players playing it, so an active human concurrency.

I know, due its totally audio-based interface, it's probably impossible to make an online browser game out of Breed Memorial, (like Monster Breeder for example), nor even an online multiplayer game similar to Survive The Wild.

However, I am thinking of the possibility to add, let's say, some online maps to the game, or parks, other locations, where human players could run into eachother and interact, communicate, play mini games, fight...or maybe even some online events, like contests, arenas, duels, races, competitions...normally all this would be totally optional, so accessible, reachable only to those, who log in and join the online part of the game featuring these alternatives.

I have already encountered such solutions in some audio-based games I played before, so this is an addition which, at least according to my oppinion, could be implemented into Breed Memorial too.

I would like to ask the admins of this website, Dark, or anyone else, for a way to contact the developer of Breed Memorial, in order to make my above described suggestion to him.
(I tried the game's URL, but its all written in chinese (or japanese), not even translation works...at least for me)

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2019-07-11 02:12:07

Hi Caccio72,

Morokuma, the dev of Breed Memorial, is actually active on this forum. I know for a fact that he reads and occasionally answers posts in the main BM topic.
Be aware though that he doesn't speak english to well afaik. So make it as easy as possible for him to understand your suggestion. But yeah, post it here probably:

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2019-07-11 02:47:34

Many thanks Honk!

I am sure if nothing else, than at least adding an online arena type battle, with rankings and high score list to the game should be possible.

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2019-07-11 03:53:48

Lol everyone keeps bugging him to put in an online mode, but ever notice how in his responses he never addressed that? How many of his games, aside from score boards do actually have an online mode? If he ever decided to, and gods know how many requests he's gotten for that, then awesome! However, if it never comes, then I would be perfectly happy with the game as it is now. It's already tons better than many others, and to my knowledge, the only accessible one of it's kind. I think that it is more productive at this point to address bugs and suggest improvements to what is already there, as it seems these are the things he has been addressing, and there have been 19, that's nineteen updates since the game came out in June, so cut him a bit of slack yeah?

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Well that may be you...again, I am of a competitive type of gamer, whose greatest challenge is competing with real people online, so such a possibility would further improve the game for me a lot!
And I am pretty much convinced I am not the only one with such an attitude and oppinion, which proves the fact of other people, (as you wrote yourself), also requesting an online version, or at least some online features, events to be added to the game.
(like the ones I suggested)

If it will never happen...well, I will certainly regret it pretty much, for beating dumb AIs, npc characters of limited intelligence is something what can, according to my expectations, not be compared to the challenge, the experience, the feeling of success after beating real human opponents.

As for bugs, I haven't encountered any more significant ones in the game yet, which could annoy me enough to report them.

Anyway, I noticed there is another new update to the game, which I, unfortunately, seem to be unable to download and install directly from the game automatically, and the 2nd alternative, to download it from the game's homepage is also something I cannot deal with, due the page refusing to be translated.

So any idea how, where to download that newest update from?

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2019-07-11 08:38:50

He didn't cut the idea completely. He sometimes mentions implementing it when we're talking on Skype.

I don't speak as good as I write, and I don't listen as good as I speak.

2019-07-11 08:55:09

Hey that's pretty exciting!

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2019-07-11 09:24:42

Indeed it is.

2019-07-11 15:57:21

See, it’s not the question of is it possible to implement the online mode. It’s more along the lines of is it worth it?  While the OP wants to be competitive and wants to battle other players,  The demand may not be   Hi enough to make it a priority on the developers list.

Coding is not hard. No, not at all.
What is hard is making code that accepts different and sometimes unexpected types of input and still works.
This is what truly takes a large amount of effort on a developer's part.

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2019-07-11 15:58:01 (edited by Caccio72 2019-07-11 17:33:11)

Actually I underestimated these modern AIs, some of them aren't that dumb at all...

I took my still only a few months old cat called Tsootsoo, a pure breed, to some level f colosseum fight for pure breeds, and fought some goblin, whose skills were round 4 times higher than hers in average...

Hit it, ran away...hit it, evaded...hit it, ran away...then it hit her...R.I.P.!

It was horrible, an indeed shocking experience, all that death description, conversations, the music, then the funeral...so damn sad that it almost made me cry!

Especially knowing how I called that cat Tsootsoo to impersonate my real life cat of the same name, who is over 18 years old already, so she hasn't too much left to live anymore, and got so close to my heart after all these years we spent together, I simply adore her...and this event reminded me of her oncoming, inevitable death...

But hey, luckily I saved the game before that colosseum event, I always save it before my arena-competitions, so I just reloaded it after this, and my Tsootsoo was alive and kicking again!

Man, in this one case I don't regret this wasn't an online event...and have also learned my lesson: avoid F level competitions with still young and weak monsters.

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2019-07-11 19:03:36

Btw what's the relation when my monster alerts me? I know the meaning of the word of course, but in the meaning of a relationship...it's not a good one, right?

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