2019-07-09 01:35:13

Where do I start? I literally know nothing. I'm interested in purchasing a console, if it's actually worth it, but have no idea what to go for, which games would be accessible, ETC.
All thoughts are welcome. Remember, I'm a newb.

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2019-07-09 01:45:36

Complete honesty time. There are no games that are truly 100 percent accessible.
Now that being said. We're starting to see some real progress made. Madden 20 will have spoken menus. The gameplay itself is still not 100 percent accessible, but you will have the ability to be fairly independent.
If you run windows 10, you can use NVDA plus microsoft's awesome OCR feature to quickly read text on screen. there are soem caveats when it comes to this, but you can still manage some games. For example I've been playing a lot of mlb 19 the show on PS4. I'm not able to bat independently, but I can fire up manager mode and choose what I want my batter and pitcher to do.
as far as direct console accessibility goes, Microsoft wins hands down. The Xbox has truly amazing support for blind users. it currently falls short on apps such as hulu and stuff, though I believe either amazon prime or netflix are self voicing. The apps thing is something Microsoft needs to really invest some time and resources in to.
A lot of games are giving us some speech feedback, but the games in question aren't games we can actually play. The current list I know of includes Crackdown 3, Tom Clancy's the Division 2, Sea of thieves, Forza Horizon 4, and mine craft. All of these games use first person 3d movements which makes it really difficult if not impossible for us to navigate. Forza Motorsport 7 is kinda playable if you turn on assists. I've been begging Turn 10 to add the same sort of narration found in FH4, but the final update to FM7 comes out in August, so I think we're out of luck.
That being said though. We did not have this kind of access even 5 years ago, so I'm hoping in another 3 to 5 years we'll see even more updates.

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2019-07-09 02:27:26

What if I rephrase. Are there any games that I can independently play and theoretically enjoy in the mainstream market? If so, where can I find guides on how to get things working. E.G: menu guides, audio queues that matter, general advice, ETC.
Or is this going to be one of those trial and error things.
Basically, is it possible to be a casual gamer and enjoy mainstream games, or will there have to be a huge time commitment to find things that work for me and learn how they work.

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2019-07-09 02:48:38

If you ever played rhythm rage, then rhythm heaven series is an easy recommendation. The latest version is out for 3ds which features over 100 songs from across the span of the series. There are several other playable 3ds and ds games depending on your preferences so rhythm heaven megamix wouldn't have to be your only purchase for the console. I think the game is digital only in the states, but you can import a physical copy if you don't have sighted assistance to help you with the purchase. For mainstream gaming, get used to borrowing the eyes of others from time to time to help you with menus and setups. A lot of blind gamers play mainstream fighters and beat em ups because they are the most straight forward. However, there are sometimes games that through accidental design outside of these genres that make them accessible. We have a lot of threads regarding mainstream games and consoles here. I recommend consulting them and letting that be your guide as a new mainstream gamer. You don't wanna plop money down on a seemingly accessible  console with not enough games that catch your interest. Sometimes beeps and clicks in a menu are enough if you have the layout memorized, and o gods, get ready to memorize....a lot, but soon it will become second nature. If you really don't want to invest in a console right now, then steam is probably the way to go, but I don't use it so can't say too much on that. If you ever played pokemon crystal access, then you've already had a taste of mainstream gaming.

That is all. Hth.

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2019-07-09 05:55:32

Alright, let's list the games I currently play.

Mortal Kombat XL and Mortal Kombat 11
The two latest and most accessible games in the Mortal Kombat universe. It's a fighting game and features what you'd expect from such. Attacking, defending, pokes, throws, mixups, specials, kombos ...
Mortal Kombat is the rival to Street Fighter and DragonballZ, and features such memorable characters as Scorpion ("get over here!"), Sub-Zero, Shao Kahn and Liu Kang.
Mk11 even features spoken menus for the most basic things, enough to where you as a newcomer don't have to use OCR to find your way into a match or fight your way through the story.
MK11 recently came out and still has some balancing issues it needs to work through, but Netherrelm are pumping out new balance patches quite frequently and we recently got a new DLC character, Shang Sung.
It's the game I play the most, and I enjoy learning new kombos, challenging myself on towers, beating up people online or playing king of the hill with friends.

Street Fighter V
Mortal Kombats rival, I should probably play this more? Trying to get into it again. The fighting is more difficult in this title than Mortal Kombat but it is definitely fun. It's an anime fighting game with legends such as Ryu, Ken and Cammie.

Injustice 2
Oh boy. Mortal Kombat all over again, except this doesn't feature over the top gore and bloody sound effects. Take on the roll of people from the DC universe and duke it out. Pick up Batman and go beat on Joker in his own playground, or scratch your way through  Cyborg with Catwoman in the Asylum. Been meaning to play this more.

Killer instinct
Features a rather unique fighting system, I should play this more.

Grand Theft Auto
Takes a little while to set up, and you'll need sighted assistance for some of it. You'll also want to play this on a PC so you can get trainers and other plugins. Don't expect to be playing the story anytime soon, but you can still load it up, steal some cars, shoot people in the face and explore the incredibly audio-rich environment that is Los Sontos.

Call of Duty, Black Ops 4
Oh boy. I've been playing this with friends lately. We do the Zombie mode with bots to revive us when we inevitably  get roasted. Still, my friend managed 116 kills. Meanwhile, I was stuck with a meak 21 ...
This game requires patience. The menus are stupid (even for sighted players), a lot of inaudible content on some of the maps, quite fast pace action ... but I've definitely had some fun bashing zombie skulls in.

Microsoft Flight Simulator?
Meh, it was good with it's your plane. Microsoft is developing a new version right now and they are focusing a lot on accessibility. I hope they add something like itsyourplane directly into the game, but we can only hope. There're lessor solutions for playing it now that really aren't all that immersive. I'd put this one off for now.

Feels like I've missed something, oh right here we go ...

Company of heros
Warfare strategy game set in WWII. You'll need someone to do some scripting in Golden Curser for you (NVDA Plugin), and there're quite a few hotkeys to memorize, but I've successfully played and enjoyed matches with friends before.

What it boils down to for me is
1: learning. I enjoy learning things and challenging myself, so fighting games are excellent for this.
But more importantly,
2: the time I spend with friends. Hop on and play King of the Hill in MK and taunt each other and gage reactions. Shoot zombies side by side in Black Ops 4; I stream Grand Theft Auto to teamtalk and then we just fuck around with various plugins and enjoy causing mayhem. Honestly, I enjoy the company more than the actual game. The game is the platform that creates the fun competetive environment. I have just as fun playing casual capture the flags in Swamp with my friends and laughing about how much we suck, or just chilling out on QC and talking as we play citadels.
In fairness, if I was sighted, I'd probably be glued to my tv screen (oh wait, I don't have a tv ...)
Jesus, this has been a rant. I probably missed a buncha stuff. Feel like there're games I have that are playable but which I forget. It's 6 in the morning and I should probably go to sleep. big_smile
Anyway, if you're interested in any of these games, just hit me up and I can get you introduced and setup with playing them fairly painlessly.

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2019-07-09 11:17:59

man, I play a bit of everything, as others have said, no videogame is %100 accessible but that is changing, you can also try diablo 3 or if you want fun and stuff, you can play things like fallout and skyrim but that mostly involves scripting and teleporting around so you kind of miss out on a lot of the random aspects in those 2 games. Gears of war 4, EA sports UFC, madden 18 19 and soon to be released madden 20 are also accessible, resident evil 6 but there is a lot of puzzles we can't do. And a lot of others, honestly, its trial and error for the most part. For example, without the bots in black ops 4, I couldn't imagine us playing it, but then their is this guy who played multiplayer in call of duty and got like 10 thousand kills so yeah.
Wow, this was a rant and a half! big_smile

:D happy to help out with games and the like... maybe :D

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2019-07-09 16:08:33

hi how do you use n v d a and exbox for o c r?

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2019-07-09 20:52:54

I've been playing a lot of Samurai Shodown (yep, that's with an o and without the w in show), and I'm liking it. The story mode is completely in Japanese but is more like the arcade modes of old, the sounds are in stereo, it's a much slower paced fighting game which has some rather intense fights even against the computer, it's much more about blocking and then attacking, or finding your way in, rather than comboing to death.

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2019-07-10 01:23:57 (edited by LordLundin 2019-07-10 17:15:38)

To use xbox with OCR, follow steps:
1: have your xbox and pc connected to the same network.
2: sign into xbox.
3: open the xbox companion app which comes by default on Windows 10 and sign in to your account if prompted
4: tab around and find the menu expand button, or menu minimize button, both will essencially do the same thing. Press it.
5: tab and go down to connection and hit enter.
6: tab and find stream and press it.
7: hit continue if prompted, the other button should be stop streaming if it works the same way for you as it does for me.
8: alt tab out of xbox and back in and wallah, you should be able to OCR!
Let me know if you run into any issues.

No, I did not leave the forum for good. Sorry to disappoint.
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2019-08-11 00:54:07

sounds like its worth getting an xbox. finally. I'll just get the digital edition for $150 off amazon.

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2019-08-11 09:36:53

If you want a mainstream game to start with you could try the recently released sequence storm, it's a rhythm based racing game that's been getting huge accessibility updates lately, though I don't think it's available for consoles. There's a fighting game called skullgirls which has full menu naration on pc and clear audio presentation to let you know where your oponent is. If you can get the dolphin emulator set up you could play rhythm heaven fever, there's no real menu memorisation to be done because to play the game you just have to hit the first option and then follow the prompts, and the game automatically navigates you to the next unlocked level when you finish one, though if you want to perfect levels you'll have to memorise where they are. I suppose code 7 and alt frequencies could be considered accessible mainstream games too, but they're a little slower in terms of gameplay since code 7 is a text hacking adventure with sounds and music, while alt frequencies has you listening into various radio stations to change what's being broadcast.

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2019-08-11 13:09:17


I managed to set up Steam on my laptop recently. Are there any games I could play with interesting storylines and such? Code7 and All Frequencies really aren't my cups of tea, and I think I may need help with Skullgirls, so looking for other games to play. Just wish I could play the Elder Scrolls or Skyrim -- those look interesting; I even read some Elder Scrolls novels On my wishlist of games I could play are Pillars of Eternity II LOTR online, etc.

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2019-08-11 13:23:16

hi. talking about skullgirls. does it playable using keyboard on the pc? the second question is I try to search this game on steam however there's a lot of version to choose. I don't know which version is the blind friendly mode availlable. thanks

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