2019-07-08 17:58:48

Inspired by the closing of the emulators topic, I decided to keep the ball rolling on the discussion of classic games and how they can be accessible, but also to expand it.
When I was younger I absolutely loved the Sega mega drive. In the US, that would be the Sega Genesis. I had sonic 1 and 2, Golden Axe, but unfortunately not Streets of Rage. I got to play Streets of Rage at a friend's though. Also interestingly, I loved the sega version of Aladdin.
I also really love arcade machines. I have a lot of memories. One of my local arcades had an actual Final Fight and eventually, a Mortal Kombat 1 cabinet, plus a lot of other retro games including ms Pac-man, Galaxian, and Space Invaders.
Of course we haven't even gotten into stuff like the PS1 and PS2 yet, again, so many memories to the point where I don't really know what to start off by mentioning. Tekken 3 had so much content in it, and on the ps2 front, Virtua Fighter 4 had the talking menus. I also loved SoulCalibur 3.

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2019-07-08 18:40:50

Golden axe, that one brings back memories.
The first time I played it was on an old Amstrad computer when I was just five years old, which would've been in about 1987. The amstrad was a tape drive computer similar to a ZX spectrum but probably less good than the com adore 64.

The amstrad version of golden axe, like the amstrad versions of most games wasn't exactly astounding, having virtually no sound effects, very small characters and what I later realise was a very limited enemy selection, but it was fun at the time. Other games I liked on the Amstrad included double dragon and a fantastic platformer called roland on the ropes, known apparently as freddy on other systems, which I still think would make an awesome audio game (especially since basically though it was a platformer you just moved in four directions, up, down left and right).

I don't imagine many of those games would've been accessible without sight, since the Amstrad wasn't great for sound effects.

We then got a comadore amigar and that was where I really started getting into computer games in a big way, starting with the classic turrican 2 which began my love affair with exploration platformers like Turrican, Metroid, and later the Mega man games which continued onto the Snes and further.

Actually, if I start remembering all my favourite games we'll be hear for quite some time big_smile.

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2019-07-08 18:56:23

I used to play mortal combat 3 on sega a lot. That thing gives me some old good memories. Super mario too we used to play it a lot on atari. I couldn't play it myself but my family did play it a lot and I would sit around and listen to them playing that game it was interesting. Oh I had spiderman on sega too which was an interesting game.
I had a micro as well. I used to play a game on it where you had to aim a physical gun at screen where there's a kind of bird and kill it. Yeah it could be played with a physical gun. A plastic gun that was connected to the micro in some way. Can't recall if it was with a cable or it could support wireless connection(Which I highly dout).
oh oh I used to play mortal combat4 on windows a lot. It was my primary game for a while for the reason that I actually could play it. I wasn't familiar with audio games or I think even screen readers at that time so it was REALLY facinating for me that I could beat my oponents whether computer or human being in a game.
There were other games that I loved and  was playing some of them for a long time but I never knew the names, nor I was interested to know since at that time my english knowledge was near zero and the names didn't make much sense to me.

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Super Mario World was a great SNES title, probably one of the first Mario games I ever saw.
Actually, if we really want to get technical, Super Mario Bros. 3 was the first Mario game I saw, at least the Super Mario All-Stars remake, and while I know All-Stars came after Mario World release wise, it had versions of Mario 1, Mario 2, Mario 3, and The Lost Levels (I didn't play the NES versions until much later when I was using an online NES emulator).
I say saw, because I was too shy to ask my parents if I could play, since I was afraid they would probably say no, so I just watched them play. It was interesting.
Street Fighter II: The World Warrior was another SNES game they played, and I would often see them play. That game was my introduction to the SF series as a whole.
Other games I saw them play were Mega Man 7, Final Fight, Secret of Mana, Contra 3, Donkey Kong Country, and Mario Paint. Really Mario Paint was the only easy one for me at the time, because all you did was draw things, create music, or play the really fun flyswatter minigame.
The SNES was the only console we had at the time, as it was given to us by a family member who had a big collection of games.
Nowadays, the only things I have that can play classic games are my Android phone, Nintendo's NES Classic Edition (a mini NES replica with 30 built-in games which, good luck finding one now as they're hard to find these days due to Nintendo discontinuing them), and a Raspberry Pi 3 which I repurposed for retro game emulation using RetroPie.

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2019-07-09 04:26:42

See, when I hear people saying they saw them playing it kind of deppresses me. Well for me, my fammily had an NES when I was younger. I always used to watch them play, until one day I said, I'm tired of just watching you play! I want to play too! after some begging, they let me. It was super mario bros. They were astounded that I passed the first level of it, but quickli lost interest when I died. My mother quickly gave me the idea that I could never play games like the rest of them. That all changed when I whent to my cousin's house. He was playing with a controler. A voice shouted. GET OVER HERE! scorpion wins. That was when I got in to MK, and mainstreme gaming. He introdused me to MK and its talking character select screen, as well as read out the menus for me. After that was my game and feuture anime, dragon ball z! budokai tenkaichi 3! With its talking menu screen, he new I could handle it, so he left me with it and said, figure it out. After his PS2 unfortunaitly broke, I began looking into emulators. Games I playd. get ready.
mortal kombat 1 2 and 3 for the Sega gens/megadrive. Final fight 1 2 3 for super nintendo and arcade. Super Mario bros 1 2 and 3 for NES. Dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 1 2 3 for PS2.. there is alot more that i've played, like sonic, GTA, and all that good stuff! This has been A dose of memories, from Juan Carlos Noel Reina.

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