2019-07-03 23:14:15

@Jayde: Yeah, still mostly an open world shooter with "optional" missions. smile It can be played with just keyboard, if you remap forward and fire, but you will be slaughtered if you try to PVP this way. I think. Probably. I got slaughtered when I tried PVP and don't actually know. But i'd be surprised if this isn't the case.
Every now and then, I think about trying an SCS campaign that ignores the combat system and uses the enter / shift q events to implement something different, but, like everything I think about doing, it never actually happens. Kinda wondering why no one else has done so, afaik. It's the closest thing we have to a world engine we can accessibly make content for with minimal programming knowledge, somehow.
Ok, not no one. Aprone made the Pyramid campaign before menus were added. I made like 1/3 of one with jumping, but it keeps glitching and I probably wouldn't release it anyway. And Fyquest had artificial weapons from before the weapons in question were added to the game. ... holycrap Fyquest is older than the flamethrower and machete yikes. But those feel like cheating.


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2019-07-03 23:31:50

Thanks aprone for another great event.  One thing I notice is that sometimes when I pick up what sounds like a special item I get a regular peace of loot instead.

Thumbs up

2019-07-04 21:50:06

That's happened to me, a lot. Its sounds like I'm about to pick up a crate, but get 12 shotgun shells. lol
Thanks for the event Aprone!

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2019-07-06 18:19:33

hi there!
something is broken in my client
i just donated the broken stuff,  example damaged metal shoulder pads,  hc dogtags etc
after restarting the client,  everyting is lost except the fuels
character is revan thanks
no death

Wish You Best Gaming All!

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2019-07-07 16:29:24

How wonderful!

The vote was over and the winner was the Yes, with 89% of the votes. There were many votes!

Aprone's friends are now absolutely looking forward to the change in the game!

We thank you!

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2019-07-07 18:18:45

i haven't had a chance to log in can someone please fill me in on what the change will be?

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2019-07-07 19:16:26

Aprone wants to know if stamina should be changed so melee weapons are easier to use.  They were so powerful before the stamina system that many players never needed to fire a bullet (not the intent por Swamp), but now there are requests to go back toward that older way.  I'm abrir to some changes if people want it closer to how it was.  Currently the vote is 89% yes, 11% no.  Type /vote yes ou /vote no to set your own vote.  Visit audiogames.net to participate in the discussion about this vote.

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2019-07-07 21:40:26

lol a friend of mine is waiting for the change before he goes hc. Which kinda makes some sense.

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2019-07-07 23:24:10

well if it has to be changed it should be somewhere inbetween. not too easy not too hard.
i've said it before and i'll say it again. this was a problem that should have been dealt with years ago. it was a bug that became gameplay because nobody bothered to sort out the code that allowed for these things to happen. so people simply adopted it into their playing style. it's pretty obvious really. if this was dealt with at the very start, we wouldn't be having this discussion now because the bug wouldn't exist and nobody would know different.

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2019-07-08 09:16:13

I look very much forward to this change. I agree that it shouldn't be too easy and not too hard.

Best regards SLJ.
If you like the post, then please give it a thumps up.
Feel free to contact me privately if you have something in mind. If you do so, then please send me a mail instead of using the private message on the forum, since I don't check those very often.
Happy gaming... :D

2019-07-30 00:11:29

Hi, Phoenix here. I am having a couple issues making a campaign. First off, I am using the five multi maps and the sub maps. when I try to press enter at the place where you would enter another map, nothing happens. what am I doing wrong? Also, I am trying to make it possible for a player to level up when the experience threshold is reached. The issue is, the player will not level up. Instead, I get the following errors:
Var threshold not found
var experience not found
here is my campaign script thus far.

map=Survive the Zombies\multi1
Item respawn
add random Normal=10
add random Matriarch=10
add random Stalker=10
add random Reaper=10
add random Lamprey=10
add random Giant=10
add random Tyrant=10
add random Canine=10
add random Dire=10
add random Amorphous=10

new var experience=0
if experience >=threshold then level up


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2019-08-02 17:48:44

Hi Aprone.

We know that you are a man very busy with his job and his family. This is a good thing.

We would like to know, when do you plan to implement the changes you proposed in the game?

This is not a file a complaint. Far from us to charge you for something.

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2019-08-13 06:23:51

Friends, the game fell into a more alguealguealguém? Or it's just us, in Brazil we have lost the connection.

Hoping the changes promised by Aprone, for both me and my wife, we renewed our accounts. So, unlike a lot of the people who have given up the game. This is a sad one.

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