2019-07-06 20:10:59

You can download the game in a more direct way
That won't require you to use Baidu Account

“If you are not united,” Jamuka said in a low voice, “you can be broken by those of no importance, just like a single arrow. If you unite, you will be as solid as the five arrows and no person will break you.”

2019-07-06 20:20:23

@46, as far as I can tell, you don't actually need to create an account. A field may appear requesting account details, but the file will download anyway.

It will be easier for all of us if you stop resisting and just press h.

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2019-07-07 15:16:36

Hi, can you please post the game on dropbox? I cannot download it from these sites there.

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2019-07-07 16:16:29

Is this game in English?

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2019-07-07 16:24:19 (edited by SkyLord 2019-07-07 16:24:36)

@54, no

flawless victory!
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2019-07-07 17:39:29

This game is not translated but it conains a guide which is translated.
This translation is bat but you can undestand this if you can

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2019-07-07 20:02:58

Or how to download? I can speak only english and nothing is read.

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2019-07-07 22:25:49

you need to use ricky translator or another translation plugin if exists

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2020-04-27 06:48:23

I have the 1.41 version of this game.
someone know if this the last version?
Greetings and thanks.

sorry my english, is not my native language.

2020-04-27 07:35:27

Are you kidding me? Full translation would be nice!

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2020-04-27 12:27:15

can you send me a link?

when someone you are close to dies, to feel sad is the best thing, but for every death, you ither grow stronger or weeker depending on who you are, but in the end, you are not humane anymore

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2020-04-27 15:36:20

I put the download link in the 38 post.
Greetings and thanks.

sorry my english, is not my native language.

2020-04-27 20:26:41

I give up, because Chinese.

Wisit my website, if you are good guy.