2019-07-06 15:52:04

Is anyone an experienced user of VS and can vouch for its functionality and accessibility? Looking for any feedback from those who have directly used it for a dev project.

2019-07-06 19:26:28

I have, thinking about using it again for UEFI development if I can get into that. smile Its very accessible, to me at least. Some things to note, though:
* it can be quite slow sometimes; not sure why this is, I've just come to live with it.
* There might be a few edge cases that make parts inaccessible.
From what I've used it for, everything you would use is perfectly accessible. I personally don't like the debugger UI and prefer (say) CDB, but other than that it works perfectly fine for me, even though I more often than not use the command line because I'm used to that and like it better.

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2019-07-06 19:45:02

I also used vs for some CSharp development. As ethin stated above it sometimes gets slow and in my case sometimes when it wants to perform a heavier action it freezes. What makes it strange is that my system specs are farely high inter CorI7 Processor and 12 GB Memory RAM. i tried both vs2017 and 2019, both did the same. Another thing to mention is that my nvda recently mizzerably stopped reading intellesense results(Using 2019.2Beta2) so that aside, I once in the first moments that I installed vs201 7 I couldn't access toolbox with nvda it just became incredibly inaccessible, but then got fixed for some reason I don't know.
However, Microsoft is hardly trying to improve visual studio's accessibility which is admirable, yet vs has the said cons to. The nearest solution that works fine and isn't  heavy like visual studio is visual code. However this one is an electron application and as you might expect, It's more like a web client or something like that. Full of clickables for a lot of things you want to do so You need to disable announcing of clickables for nvda because that really gets on your nurves. You just hit enter on elements you think that can be activated for example when you want to install an add on to it you see the discriptions and stuff, followed by "install this add-on to visual studio code" so of course this one should install this add-on and you press enter on it. Not a reliable way of handling such situations but can be the only choice if you don't want to hear clickable clickable constantly

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2019-07-06 20:29:47

I recommend you use VS with Jaws, or ZDSR. NVDA is just not build for it IMO.

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2019-07-09 19:12:31

I'll be using VS for work and am interested to see how that'll go.
Does anyone know if there are any major differences between VS2015 and 2017? I'll be using 2015.