2019-06-24 17:13:50

I have a question.
What is happened with subscription of Audiogames.net forum? A link to subscribe was removed and e-mails to notify me to new topic, or forum also don't come to My e-mail.
But, why? What's the problem?

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2019-06-24 20:39:02

yes. why

2019-06-25 16:30:53

Apparently the problem was that mails were either not getting sent or bouncing or something. What I don't get is, why not look into the issue rather than just removing the feature. I mean, in my opinion, the forum notification system was bull anyway, now that it can't even email you at all ... Why. Just ... Why?

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2019-06-26 15:19:38

please read post 32 of this topic
for people who can't or are just lazy here is it.

cenderman wrote:

Dear everyone, I've disabled the option to subscribe to posts since it caused a problem in our host (it probably triggers error as a result of many bounced messages). We'll look into this!

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2019-06-28 13:17:21

Oh no! That's pity.
But I believe, that Audio games team will maybe edit this problem, as soon, as possible.

Music is the language of the universe.

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