2006-02-08 22:31:33


Please use this thread to report bugs and oddities in Sudo-San. We've already found a few occurences where parts of the sound seem to disappear and we don't yet know why. So we'd really like to hear from you if you too encounter something weird!



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2006-02-09 17:21:15

i cannot play the game because i have service pack 3 installed. it thinks the game is a popup, i think it sort of blocks it or something.

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2006-02-09 20:46:24

Aaron, that's strange. I think you have a setting in your browser that you cannot run Active X components. Shockwave for internet explorer is an active X component. Perhaps you can find the settings and allow audiogames.net

2006-02-09 21:03:37

no it's not that, sometimes a bar called "the information bar" comes up. it blocks websights (well not exactly, but certain parts), and... well... i am not sure how to stop it

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2006-02-09 22:32:02

go to internet explorer > tools > internet options > security > custom level >

scroll down to:
run Active X controls and plugins

mark "enable" or "prompt" (choose prompt for maximum control)
press ok.

2006-03-18 21:13:11

I've run into a few problems:

1. Sudo-san crashes in all browsers except Internet Explorer.  It is very annoying to almost complete a game and lose all my progress.

2. As another user has mentioned, music turns on intermittently so I have to "turn on" the music again in order to turn it off.

3. I can't use the enter key on the number pad to enter values into cells, only the return key on the main keyboard

4. Every game seems to have a bunch of cells with "ghost" candidates.  That is, I haven't entered any candidates but they are nevertheless there and they are often very incorrect.  (Example: shift+S says "1 4 7", X says "5 7 9")

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