2019-06-22 18:57:16

Hey all,
This will be a somewhat long post. If you don't feel in the mood to read a lengthy post, I won't blame you for picking another topic.
Some time last year you might remember I took my website (phantomcrafting.com) down, due to personal and familial issues.
I'll do the best I can to clarify what happened, but I won't go into exact details.
So in short, my own mother had cancer. The fear that struck into me made my mind go a bit out of wack, as one would expect. And so, when I was a bit more sane and could process things, I decided it would be better of me to shut down the site and stop all projects on it. My apologies if I kind of left in a hurry.
I did this in an effort to spend as much time with her as I could. Once the website went down I no longer felt obligated to tend to it and the contents contained within, and continue paying for a server that was no longer in active use.
When I shut down the site, I had calculated the domain to expire in a month after. I'd then recently moved it over to namecheap and didn't realize they could renew it for another year when I did it.
And so, several things. First things first, mother recently went for testing, and has been determined cancer free! I was rather overjoyed at the news honestly. It wasn't something I was expecting and so it came by complete surprise to me. All is well and she seems healthy and happy.
For weeks now, namecheap have been emailing me to remind me of domain renewal, and I was thinking of getting back into developing more small games for you guys, but I just wanted to clear some things up in case I do end up renewing the domain. I'm not sure if I will renew it yet, I still need to find a decent server/hosting plan, shared vs vps, etc.
That is more or less everything I have to say at the moment, however if there are any further questions, I will do my best to answer them.
Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

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2019-06-22 20:02:22

Hi Omar,
nice to hear your mother has put cancer behind. This is truly a good news, and also for Phantom Creation reopening its doors after a year of silence. I wish you a good day.

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2019-06-22 20:26:56

Will you continue posting sounds to freesound?

I post sounds I record to freesound. Click here to visit my freesound page
I usually post game recordings to anyaudio. Click here to visit my anyaudio page

2019-06-22 21:30:13

That has it's own ventured page, but yes, I will continue posting sounds to my own personal page whenever I find something interesting to post.

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2019-06-22 22:22:51

I am glad that your mother is ok now, my grandma also had cancer 11 years ago I believe and in 2010 they said she is cancer free.
Now she is healthier than me really.
If you reopen your site, I am sure that alot of people, including me, will be happy to try your new projects.
Howp everything goes well for everyone.

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2019-06-23 20:25:34

Really glad to hear that your Mum is cancer free.

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2019-06-23 20:40:46

No one can blame you for closing down amid a family crisis like this one. My mother was a long-time sufferer of cancer and a few years ago when both of my parents died I also shut down BPC, for good. Eventually you have to pick between your own mental well-being and the stress of maintaining your own server and running your own business and knowing that as long as you're not there to operate your business then nothing will get done, and people will become impatient and start demanding things and eventually try to bring a lawsuit (at least in the commercial market.)

So, my only hope is that you weren't pressured into bringing your stuff back and are doing it with your own free will. I'm glad your mother is alright.

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2019-06-23 21:29:28

Hey all,
I thank you all kindly for your kind words of encouragement. I'm just glad she's fine after all this time.
@Munawar, this is entirely my own doing. No one has (thankfully) pressured me into reopening the site. smile

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2019-06-23 22:45:15

Really glad to hear your mum's recovered and is feeling better and good luck with the future projects.

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2019-06-24 01:25:24

Good luck that you're mother is canser free. That's the only hope when you're motivated.

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2019-06-24 05:48:59

glad your mother is fine.
also, noone can blame you for closing your website. that was your life and what was happened was logical to close it down.
if i were you, i would closed it as well.
so, go ahead and continue.

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