2019-06-12 16:29:23

Hello everyone, the problem that I have is a rather cumbersome one. So I have a WiFi router that uses LTE for it's network access.
It's all fair and well, but I want to position it the best way I possibly can so that I can enjoy uninterrupted forum browsing, gaming et cetera, but my signal keeps dropping, so I was wondering, is there anything, an accessible app or website that can at least give me a directional indicator as to where the strongest network signal might be located, I really don't wanna spend a lot of money for an external antenna yet.
Any help would be appreciated.

2019-06-12 20:01:22

I'm not sure, but if you are living in a house or apartment, the signal should be all over the inside, and be possible to work outdoors as well, as long as you don't get too far away. I get my WiFi from my cable company, and it gets signal throughout my house and sometimes in the backyard as well. I don't know about any apps or websites that can help you, but I hope this was helpful in some way.

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2019-06-12 20:19:10

This post might help you. Although they're marketing for their boosters at the end but their is some good information there.
https://www.weboost.com/blog/how-to-fin … s-near-you
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