2019-06-11 18:27:03

Hi. I have a problem with bgt form. Everytime i create a new line using it and then trying to write something in that line or move the cursor or any thing else the script gives me a runtime error.
BGT Runtime Error  Dialogfeld  A runtime error occurred.
File: c:\source\formtest\form.bgt
On line: 2864
In function: void control::move_right()
Description: Index out of bounds
Would you like to copy the stack trace text to the clipboard?

is there a fixed version of bgt form available? Thanks, simter.

Hi, I am simter, 14 years old, from germany. If you want to conntact me, my email is [email protected] and my skype karmienmedias.
Hay. Ich bin simter, 14 jahre alt, aus deutschland. Wenn du mit mir in kontakt treten möchtest, meine email ist [email protected] und mein skype ist karmienmedias.

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