2019-06-11 15:33:48

So, i have a native instruments komplete kontrol m32,  i used it in reaper a couple of times, but, it started giving me a failed to open input device error, at least I think that’s what it said, And a friend of mine was helping me try to fix this, he clicked on forget device, so is there anyway to get the keyboard back into the list and working again? Thanks for all the help

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2019-06-11 17:06:47

If it does that, hit reset midi devices. Forget device? Where the hell was that, because I don't think it is in Reaper. I'd quit out of reaper, unplug it, plug it back in, then launch reaper again and see if it's in the list and ready to be re-enabled. Start there and post back if it doesn't work.

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2019-06-11 17:22:43 (edited by Reza.jdp 2019-06-11 17:25:10)

@Post 1
If the solutions from post 2 didn't work, Try these as well:
If Reaper is throwing out an opening device failier, It's iether for a lost connection between Reaper and the midi device or probably nonexistant or damaged device driver.
Double-check the cable connection between the midi device and the computer and make sure you have your midi device plugged in correctly.
If your problem is due to a software misconfiguration or something like nonexistant device driver, Reinstalling the device driver may help as well.
Also if you've unplugged your midi device while Reaper was open, you need to exit and reopen reaper for the device to be reenabled. (Just how post 2 pointed out)

@Post 2
You can find "Forget device" by right clicking or pressing the applications key on the selected midi device in the midi devices preferences.

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